How we do school

 Turned a box into a mailbox, during our community workers week.

Sorting the mail they collected, by state.

Exploring and playing at the Museum definitely counts as learning and school days.  Space rockets, animal care, the pioneer house room; Strong covers all the bases of math, reading, PE, social studies.

 It's cool to use scissors.

 A little Spanish, with a good prop.

 Karter giving his weather forecast.  The videos are even better, I'll have to post them too.

Our daily routine is typically: breakfast, house chores, "school", lunch, then a reading/play/outside/go somewhere/watch a show time, before some tidying up and dinner prep, play with daddy, read before bed, or watch a short show.  School schedule consists of:  math worksheets (addition/subtraction, time/money, then we insert some fractions, measurements, etc. in there) printing/handwriting, books on our subject of the week, Bible/kids' devotional reading-usually at breakfast, art time at some point throughout the day; science and music and art are rotated through the week. We listen to music daily, and I also go thru the directv schedule and record educational/interesting programs from history channel, natgeowild, animal planet, all those types of channels.  While Kian does his work, Karter has some booklets, flashcards, or he tries to participate, or he will go play and come back and he pays attention...he walked around for a week saying " a noun is a person, place or thing". Kian also does karate on fridays and on Wednesdays they go to a library group.  For now, it works and we will see how it goes.

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