Schoolin' with Pilgrims

It's that time of month, Pilgrims, Indians (Native Americans) and Turkey....ahh November. So, of course we focused on those topics this month. Like I said before, the library has fantastic selections, and we found a Colonial kids activity book to choose recipes and crafts from.  The boys wanted to do all of them, but some were beyond their ability and some required materials I didn't have, or couldn't get to, due to packing.

One day we made hardtack.  Basically it's like a cracker.  It consists of water and flour.  That's all.  It lasts forever. And it's hard, very hard.  We put some flour in a bowl, added enough water to make a dough, worked it out a bit, rolled and cut into circles.  We baked until hard.  We threw a bit of salt on them, and I sprinkled some rosemary on another batch.  It was said that soldiers and colonists carried hardtack with them on the ships and during wars because it literally woudl last forever. It said it was best eaten when dipped and softened into soup, broth, coffee or tea...go figure!

The nexst day, we made butter.  We put heavy cream in small jars and the boys chose some flavorings (seeing a pattern here in this house?).  Kian wanted maple butter, so I added some real Vermont maple syrup to the cream.  Karter and I decided to add some fresh, crushed garlic and Italian seasoning. They shook those jars for a good ten minutes.  They got some thick cream.  I later was told to add a marble inside so it would agitate the cream better.  I dumped the jars, one by on, into a bowl and just whipped them with my handmixer.  After you hit the whipped cream stage, you keep going, and then you get butter.  The whey, or buttermilk,separates and the rest turns into butter.  Drained the whey off and squeezed the butter together. And ooh, let me tell you, it's much better than store bought.  Kian also whipped the rest of the heavy cream into maple whipped cream. Delicious on pancakes!

ps...these blogs are written at like midnight and then schedules to publish...otherwise it'd never happen!

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