Finding routine

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the boys and animals adjusted moving into the new house.  And fairly quickly, as well.  I was expecting a lot more issues with bedtimes, pet problems, etc.  The cats all  seemed very to take the house just fine, as did Finn. Plenty of house, high places, windows, and yard for the dog.  Kian, I knew, would be fine at first, then take time later to process and get his behaviours out.  I was worried about Karter and his sleeping routines. Having just gotten him into good routines, I was afraid with moving he would be all out of sorts.  Apparently, I needn't have worried so much.

The boys love having their own rooms. Kian lately has asked Karter to "sleep over in my room."  Karter tried, for 5 minutes and went back to his own room.  He actually loves having his own room, sleeps soundly in his bed 95% of the time.  He still occasionally comes in around 5am to snuggle with me, and rarely will ask to sleep in our bed at night.  If he does, I can easily move him to his own bed, and he doesn't protest like before.  Lately, I will lay in his bed to read him a book and kiss him goodnight, he will roll over on his pillow and tell me "can you leave now, get out please."  I call that success and progress.  I knew eventually one day he'd sleep all on his own, in his own bed. Despite what people think about co-sleeping, kids do not stay in the parents bed forever, and it was good for him when he needed it and now he doesn't. 

In having their own rooms, they have toys up there now. They play together in one room, or separately in their own.  It's nice to have another spot for toys instead of just the downstairs.  We have a huge closet to store all the games, arts and crafts and other toys, in our "den/whatever you want to call it room".  So, they can bring things in and out to the rug there.  We also "do school" in this room.  We have desks and bookshelves and a loveseat by huge windows. 

We did take a break from school lessons during the holidays and moving. The boys still did some worksheets and things on their own.  Lessons started back up about two weeks after we moved in. Changes were made there as well, which is the nice thing about homeschooling.  I can tweak when Kian is bored, has mastered something or wants to challenge himself. Karter is really into it now, he loves tracing letters and numbers and trying to do things that Kian does.

Other things have fallen into place nicely.  Wegmans is only 10 minutes away, same time, few more miles than before, no big deal. Walmart and other such stores are ten minutes in the other direction. The Palmyra Library has lots of nice programs for the boys, and are very open and willing to accommodate Karter and other younger siblings in all activities, even if they say they are for elementary age kids. I'm trying to find out about other groups, sports, etc. in our area.  They're enjoying the kids' program at church, lots of fun stuff, contemporary and great people running it.  I am also enjoying the church and it fits into Kevin's checklist: not long (about and hour), contemporary without being rock concert, not super huge. It's a win-win. It's nice to feel settled in the community and home.

Eventually we will get all the little things worked out, like the steep driveway that gets icy in the winter, moving the chickens on the bottom floor of the barn-instead of the top floor where they are now, and more.  It's little things, and they will keep us busy, but nothing major, which is nice. We've kind of fallen out of contact with family and friends during our moving and unpacking phase, and so we need to get back up to speed and in touch with everyone.  It was a bit overwhelming to do that during the holidays and now we're settled and ready to have company and get back in the swing of things.

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