I'm still alive! And we're almost normal!

It's been a long, long time since I blogged. Partly, due to the move and all the unpacking and settling, and partly due to a virus I had on my computer, which prevented me from logging into Google or blogger. All is fixed now, and a lot has happened since I last posted.  I've been meaning to, and I've had a few people ask this past week where my posts are, so bear with me-I don't even know where to start.

Well, let's see...we moved, in blizzards, for two weekends in a row, surrounding Christmas. Not my idea, but Kevin's.  Of course, we didn't expect blizzard conditions, or for the moving to take so long.  The mortgage company gave us issues and there was a lot of back and forth between 3 people who worked there, and none of them talked to each other, God forbid! So, we did a lot of sending the same things over and over.  Interesting, how when Kevin spoke with the owner of the mortgage company, that same afternoon we got the final "okay" and were cleared to close. Hmm, after 3 months of back and forth and dragging it out, closing dates being switched every week. That put us on the 21st of closing. It was a toss up, stay put until after Christmas, and have holidays amongst piles and stacks of boxes?  Or, move before and unpack some stuff, when Kevin had some free time, which he wouldn't have after the New Year's resolution-makers go nuts at the gym?  So, we moved on the 22nd, and 23rd, and 21st, and 29th, and...yeah.

We rented a truck Friday, the 21st, which we picked up after my in-laws helped me sweep and clean the new house. I was being so helpful pulling the loading ramp out of that truck, while my father-in-law was straightening it out by the house and door. The ramp jerked back and smashed my hand between it and the door frame. I have seriously never felt pain like that, giving birth was like candy and rainbows compared to that feeling! I mean, crying, doubled over, for sure it's broken and my only thought is "crap we don't have insurance."  Kourt did the EMT exam and determined not broken, and I was out of moving duty, just like that. No, it wasn't planned. And after a week of horrible pain, swelling, bruising, nerve pain, I did go to urgent care and have it x-rayed, still just a terrible injury, no broken bones. It took 5 weeks for it to heal, and every once in awhile it still has a 'catch' to it and some scar tissue built up.

I had made the final decision to hire movers, due to the weather, dates of moving and it was the best thing we ever did. We had family help and with the movers it was 100 times easier, faster, everything. We ended up hiring the same company the following weekend for the outdoor stuff (hot tubs, kennel panels, swing sets, etc. and whatever else) and it was worth the money, as it was another blizzard again. (Highline movers, we definitely recommend them.)

Unpacking took weeks, and there are still a handful of boxes we need to go through and unpack or trash or something. A lot got tossed into the attic and so that needs to be organized and cleaned up a bit as well. We had a garage sale in September and got rid of a lot, from baby blankets, toys, games, clothes, kitchen and household stuff, to outdoor and garden things. Yet, after I unpacked I still had 10 boxes I filled with stuff we didn't want or use, and we took to VOA.  I still have another 3 good sized boxes in the laundry room to take again.  I love getting rid of stuff.

We had a big break from school lessons, at least 3 weeks. We would still do a few things, and Kian loves doing his worksheets and workbooks on his own.  They also helped pack a lot, and Kian helped me label boxes, I call that printing and spelling practice. We got back into the swing of things the second week in January and also change how we do some things.  Kevin's mom found two student desks at a garage sale and the boys love them. They keep books and pencils and scissors in them and love to sit at them and 'do school' as Karter calls it. 

I got the boys involved in the local library right away. More for my sanity at first, to give them something to do and take a break from unpacking. They're more relaxed here, especially about ages and programs, so even though they say "elementary age", which Kian is, they are more than happy to include Karter in the programs. They have Lego party afternoons, wii dancing competitions, board game days, fort building, and coming up soon is race tracks and tunnels, and lots of other fun stuff.  I signed Karter up for the 3 year old story hour as well, starting this week. 

Finally, we found a church we love. While in Rochester, we attended a great church and I actually drove the 45 minutes a lot of Sundays at first, to be there.  But, it wasn't practical and we tried to get involved with churches in Canandaigua.  I knew what was there, having grown up in the area, and nothing really grabbed Kevin and I completely.  Too small, not enough young families, way too long/stuffy, kids' programs not in place, etc. etc. I know, I was being super picky. But, I drove by Cross Creek Church here in Palmyra, literally 3 minutes and 3 miles from our house, and decided to try it. I had seen all the Lutheran, Mormon and Catholic ones on the corners of Church Street and they weren't for me/us.  I went the first week with just the boys, and fell in love. It's been about a month now, and it's perfect for us. Great kids' programs, a good mix of ages/families, services are contemporary and easily applicable to our life, and for Kevin--it's done in about an hour or just over.

So, that's a little of what has been going on around here while we've been off the grid.

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