I'm a medical oddity. And I'm over it.

I'm a healthy person, but a medical rarity.  It's not that fun.  At first, it was interesting.  Now, it's just tiring.  I was the one in high school who had a weird blockage in my saliva gland under my tongue.  Removed that.  Then I had a ganglion cyst on my left wrist, and  had surgery on that.  No one else I knew had those things.  I was in a medical program in high school and did find it all very interesting. I even stayed awake during the wrist surgery, but they wouldn't let me watch.

Then years later, I received the Factor VII deficiency diagnosis, although fairly mild.  It didn't really cause me any issues besides some slower clotting during my wisdom teeth removal and my monthly cycles. First pregnancy, no issues.  Second baby, ultrasound findings that were "uncommon" (I dont' know how "rare" they were) but caused worry.  An umbilical cord has 3 vessels in it, Karter only had 2, and a "spot" on his heart. In the end, all was normal and fine.

Few more years later, my dad gets a blood disorder diagnosis.  Guess what? It's rare.  It's genetic. Guess who gets the diagnosis too? Yep, lil ol' me-in the midst of another pregnancy.  And that makes doctors nervous.  It makes doctors go overboard in testing and observing.  And so I had to have an echo cardiogram and 2 MRIs done.  Echo was absolutely normal, no concerns.  MRIs were done Wednesday evening and should have results soon.  I'm not that worried about them, as I don't have symptoms related to issues in those areas. But, nevertheless, it's wearing. 

In the midst of all this, we get a call after our ultrasound on the baby. Something "rare" was seen.  At this point, I say "well of course, why not?"  It's our "usual" now, right?  An amniotic band.  Something even I haven't heard of, in all my research, reading, medical scouring, and work in Early Intervention with lots of disorders, delays, disabilities, etc.  What is it?  In layman's terms--a strand of the amniotic sac is hanging.  It could cause nothing, or it could become wrapped around the baby.  It's possible it can wrap around a hand, finger or foot, or something.  It can cause deformation, retarded growth of that area, and in some cases, amputation.  It happens in 1 in 1200 pregnancies. Sigh.

I've been focusing on my own tests that I haven't thought much about it. I am forcing myself not to freak out and become overwhelmed at all that is going on.  What good will that do anyways? Nada.  I can only do what I can do.  Being a mess won't help anyone and there's still laundry to do and kids to feed and play with, etc.  Now that my tests are over, I have been thinking of it more the last day or so.  We have another ultrasound next week to check things over.  I'm also praying and believing that things are going to just be okay.  He is a very active little guy, all the time, which I take as a good sign nothing is tangled up.  Statistics show about 70% of these disappear on following ultrasounds, either ruptured and absorbed or compressed against the womb by the baby. 

So, that's been my June and July.  Full of appointments for me, some for the baby, blood work and insurance authorizations, and figuring and scrambling for child care for the boys.  So much for a calm July.  But, I'm looking at you August!  Good thoughts and prayers appreciated. Trying to stay cool and hydrated this hot week, and keep the pool from always turning green!


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