It's...another boy

Honestly, didn't see that coming.  Not with how different it's been this time around. I even had a dream about a blonde toddler girl.  But, 2 days before the ultrasound I had this nagging feeling the tech would say boy.  Mmm hmm. 

It's interesting looking at the amount of females in both sides of the family for a few generations.  Guess we're just "lucky".  =)  I was/am a little bummed, not at another boy, just being the fact that Kevin's pretty sure he doesn't want more after this, and that could mean no girls in this house ever.  We shall see.

I'm a little nervous now at how active this kid is!  From 5 am until 11pm when I finally fall asleep, he's non stop moving. Not just moving though, crazy bouncing.  In church Sunday, he must have coiled back and punched me as hard as he could, twice. I gasped out loud, it didn't necessarily hurt but was pretty intense.  I say punch, because that's where his head and hands were on ultrasound the other day. And his feet tap dance down low all day long.  Perhaps he'll be a great night sleeper, something Karter still isn't, and Kian is okay with (minus the waking up at 6am).  I can hope, right?

I am really behind on getting pictures on the blog...gotta work on that. But, since the fun finally came out in 2 days, without rain, we're going to hit up the playground for awhile!


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