What summer?

I feel like we didn't even get to have our summer.  June was very rainy and not fun at all. June and July were filled with appointments for me, and Kian had a few as well.  We had one week in July that was 95+ where the boys could spend all day in the pool but otherwise, it was uncomfortable and muggy.  August has been cool, except the last couple days-a revived summer attempt. Overall, it just feels like we have not even had a summer to enjoy!

We've tried to sneak in a few summery things in the last couple weeks with the boys.  Last week my mom and I attempted to bring the boys camping and meet up with my dad and brother and other siblings. From a couple hours ride, to rain off and on, cool temps, and let's just say...unbalanced and uncoordinated views and ideas with the rest of the campers--followed by a 3 or 4 hour thunder and lightning storm that pushed us out of the tent into the camper that was already full with 3 people and a dog...we canned it, waved the white flag and were back home about 26 hours after we left. Yeah.. 

To try to redeem that trip, my mom and I spent a long afternoon with the boys on Sodus Bay a few days later.  It was hot, sunny, with soft sand everywhere. It was relaxing.  Kevin and I took the boys back up the following day as well.  Yesterday afternoon, Kevin's client took us out on Irondequoit bay on his boat. Kian and Kevin had fun tubing and falling off. We pulled right up to Bazil's dock for dinner and enjoyed a delicious meal. I would have been out there tubing too if I could. Karter didn't want to, but they enjoyed driving the boat, even if they were a little crazy with it.

And now...now I'm in the middle, well almost the end, of school/lesson preparations. And so next week we will start our "settle in schedule".  Where I get the boys back into a better morning routine and have some set things to do before a full fledged schedule.  Which, isn't that bad, we'll still be done by lunchtime every day. I've packed schedule tight in the beginning to allow for breaks with the baby coming, etc. We shall see, take it a day at a time.

And to finish off the summer (that barely existed) will be Karter's birthday (and my brother's too).  We've been debating taking them on a small trip, somewhere like Enchanted Forest for a night, just to make some special time before school/baby/holidays are upon us and crazy.  But, it's also our 10 year anniversary in September and it would have to either be family trip or couple/anniversary trip, not both. So we'll have to decide which one we want more...

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