Interesting title eh? I just have to rave about this product! Then I shall stop my serial blogging for the day. Kian didn't quite have a 'rash' but rather redness and chafing in his little rolls. It was going on a week and when we were at the doctor's Tuesday I asked him about it, wanting to make sure it wasn't fungal, since I had tried A&D, A&D creamy and Balmex. (I do NOT like Balmex for the record) He told me to try some Triple Paste in a tub, that "most pharmacies carry it".

Now, if you know me, I go to Wegmans as my main store, for most everything, then Kmart is closer, even tho Walmart has more selection. So, if it's not at one of those places, odds are I am not going to get it. Especially a pharmacy type store, maybe Eckerds/Rite Aid would have it, or the pharmacy store way up in Greece, but am I going to drive around for it? No.

So, what happens is I decide to see what Kmart and Wegmans have. I find the Bordeaux's Buttpaste. I've heard great things about this but never tried it. So I pick up a box of Buttpaste, a tube of Desitin, and something else. I compare. Buttpaste has 5 ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Castor Oil, Mineral Oil, Peruvian Balsam-well and Boric Acid (acts as anti-fungal). Balmex, Desitin, A&D creamy all have at LEAST 10 ingredients. Stuff like 'dimethylcodon..something' and fragrance, yes color and fragrance in all of them. Why? It's on a baby's butt, clearly color and fragrance are not warranted. So I say what the heck, I'll give this a try because it looks the least 'chemical'. (But I held off at Kmart, knowing Wegmans would give me a better deal! and they did! At least a dollar cheaper!--and just in case you're wondering, Wegmans and Kmart are across the street from each other)

Well, yesterday afternoon, I put some on Kian's red areas. At the next diaper change he was down to 'pink'. I applied it again before bed, and this morning he wasn't even pink at all! And usually, after being in a wet diaper for 12 hours he's pink in his thigh rolls. But not this time. And you don't even need much on there. Balmex can't do that, plus it's way greasy and hard to wash off your hands or the baby, A&D creamy can't do that. (I do like regular A&D for protectant, like at night-but Kevin HATES the smell so) So here's to Buttpaste! Yes even after one night, I'm a believer =)

OK I must get to sewing the last pair of PJ pants for Kiara, and quit blogging today!


Mumbles said...

Why not make organic buttpaste? I know where you can get some.

Rachel said...

I love Butt Paste!! I even brought some over to the UK with me. My health visitor was horrifies when she saw it... but I told her there's nothing else as good!