I'm going to be an aunt!

No, no, no, for all you on the McKnight side who became suddenly scared and/or excited (mostly scared I'm sure): It's not Kourtney or Patrick. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law (Kevin's brother & wife) are going to have a baby in June! Yay. They told us awhile ago now, although I am bad at remembering exactly how far along... 15 weeks maybe? Anyways. I was like oh they'll have a baby, Kian will have a cousin, there will be another grandchild on that side, yay. It really took me a few weeks to realize I get to be an aunt tho! Duh. Yeah I'm slow like that. My not-so-secret prediction is that it's going to be a girl--an go against the 2007 Boy *curse*. Seemingly everyone around me who had a baby or got pregnant in 2007 is having a boy. We shall see. I was just thinking, hmm this will be a new title for me, obviously I've never been an aunt before! Yay for spoiling baby! Unless there's two in there.....?

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