Yeah it's taken me awhile to get to this post. Busy busy busy! Sunday, the 23rd we spent at my Grandma's with all the cousins and aunts and uncles. Lots of food and commotion but always fun! Here's a picture of Kian with his present there: Christmas Eve we spent at Kevin's parents, had dinner, opened gifts, relaxed. (the pictures I have from there didn't come out well) So, here is Kian on Christmas morning, he loved this refrigerator-part of his kitchen set. Kevin and I only got him two gifts (one big) and he got bibs and spoons in his stocking! Knowing all the toys and clothes he was getting, there was no point in overload from us.
Here's his stocking gifts:
Kevin's new shirt and some cards. Then we went to my parents in the afternoon, for more toys, presents and food! Here's Kian with Mema and some toys.We had a good time, the gifts were spread out throughout the afternoon with everyone. Can't beat a prime rib dinner with twice baked potatoes mmm!
Here's Kian the day after Christmas, with only HALF of his toys! He is so happy, he loves them all. He especially loves his Leap Frog animal wheel and Zoo train. (those ones he knows how to work already-the rest we're working on)

So it was a busy weekend, with one more Christmas party to go on Kevin's side of the family. Although (luckily, I think) no gifts to deal with there. Kian did have a bit of a rough time with the aunts, uncles, cousins he doesn't see much, so I think it will be more of the same Saturday. Blah. And it's fine with me if he sits on my lap all day anyways. So we've just been busy playing toys, trying to clean up the Christmas Tornado as I like to call it. Still have lots of cookies and junk to eat--or throw out. Wrapping paper and boxes and bows are finally put away. We have to decide where and how to fit in all these new toys. I'm trying to convince Kevin to build a toy box-hahaha! I am disappointed though that no one wanted to go to Christmas Eve Service. Kevin's parents were worried Kian would sleep through church and presents (but we ended up giving him his gifts first anyways...) so no they didn't want to do church after dinner. I tried to find one nearby with an earlier service...sigh. That would have really helped me get into the 'Christmas spirit'. But, all went well, we had fun, nice to just spend time together the three of us in the morning and with my family we don't see as much. And we're still figuring out who likes the toys better, me, Kevin or Kian? =)

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