What's that? Really? Sigh. We had such a good bedtime routine and sleep pattern going. Kian used to just go to sleep after I laid him in bed, and sleep for a good 9 hours. I blame the holidays. We are all off schedule but I try to at least do the same routine, even if it is 9 or 10 pm instead of 7:30.

But, now we enter the "I need to see Mommy at all times" phase and the "rock me to sleep, or hold my hand while I fall asleep" thing and then we notice the two upper teeth are trying to make an appearance--explains the waterfall of drool all day long. That, with all the holiday craziness, being out, out late, with lots of people, new people, off nap and eating schedule, has sure made for some hellish sleep lately.

First I wasn't sleeping too well, due to stress. I finally am able to sleep and someone is up every hour or two. Not even to eat, either needs the pacifier back, has turned himself sideways in the crib, or just wants me to put my hand in the crib so he can hold my fingers until he falls asleep. The best sleep we get is about from 5-8am, straight. The rest of the night has been waking every hour or two. If I get up to go to the bathroom I have to be super quiet as not to wake him, he's been sleeping light lately. I honestly don't think I've had more than 4 hours of sleep since February. Seriously. Going on almost a year of no full night's sleep really stinks. Once the holidays are over I think he'll do better sleeping, get back into our schedule and routine. I hope. And since I am not a napping person it really stinks. Occasionally I can fall asleep for half an hour, but that's about it. And if it's near dinner time or late afternoon I can't because then it affects my sleeping at night. Ah the sleepful wishes of a delirious mom.

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