The Great Pacifier Debate

I had truly hoped to avoid using the pacifier at all. And yet, here we are, with Kian wanting a pacifier every time he goes to bed now. Ugh! I Held off for about 3 weeks, but when he was constantly wanting to nurse all day long, or screaming in the store or car (and not hungry, wet, etc.) I gave in. But only occasionally. Usually it was out of the house that he seemed to really "need" it. He would go to bed fine without it, maybe fuss for a few minutes, or I'd turn his musical crib thing on and that would be the end of it. And at one point he seemed to be going towards thumb-sucking. Which in itself is another issue, but at least I wouldn't be having to constantly find and pop the thumb in his mouth, he could do that himself. Enter: Holiday Season. Schedule is all off, naps either don't happen or are late, lots of people, noise, music, smells, sights, and he's way overstimulated. Even putting him in another room with his pack-n-play doesn't seem to help. He just wants to suck away on that thing and sleep. Fine if we're out, but now he can't differentiate that at home he doesn't really need it. And he screams until I give it to him to fall asleep with it. Not what I wanted. Although, in the middle of the night he can wake up, roll over, and go back to sleep without it... What I fear most is the taking away of that thing later on-the drama, the tears, the screaming, the long nights...the stories I've heard. My thought is to not buy anymore at all from here on out. He's got the 6 month 'sized' ones, so maybe once his mouth gets too big and they get to small he'll 'willingly' give it up? Ha! Wishful thinking I know. Part of me is okay with the pacifier, as right now it's only for bed. I bring one with me when we go somewhere-just in case, but during the day he doesn't use it at all...except nap. I don't believe in letting him have it all day long. So, we shall see how this plays out in the next few months. I definitely don't want a toddler begging for one... who knows what will happen.

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Rachel said...

I am pro-pacificier. And I breastfeed (gasp!) Noah loved his pacifier. And when he turned 1, it went bye bye forever. he never cried for it. Once it was gone, it was gone. I actually prefer a pcifier to thumb sucking because you can take a pcifier away. With a thumb, that can become a habbit, and there's no taking it away!