Ranch Chicken Pasta

I like to make things up, or take parts of one recipe, pieces of another, and add my own junk. This one Kevin likes and there's so many ways to make it, lots of variety. Oh and the other thing is I really don't measure! Must be why I like RAchel Ray...

About 1lb. of Chicken breast, cut into 1in. pieces
1lb. of pasta -med shells, bowtie or rotini work best.
about 1/3 cup mayo
about 1/2 cup and them some Ranch Dressing (or italian, or whatever your flavor)
1/2 cup tomatoes (in bite size, not tiny diced)
few tablespoons of bacon bits
1 tsp garlic powder
any other veggie

Boil pasta according to directions, while cooking chicken in olive oil in frying pan. In bowl mix mayo, garlic powder, dressing and bacon bits. Drain pasta, drain chicken, add to bowl of dressing, add tomatoes, toss until well coated. I have also done it with lettuce and veggies, more of a salad bowl thingy... best somewhat warm, not super hot, but also good the next day cold

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I have a recipe for steamed hams and bearded clams.