I have a tattoo. I think it's been about 7 years actually. Patrick took me the summer I finished my freshman year of college, I'm pretty sure. I did the bellybutton piercing too that year, but that has long been gone and left an ugly scar on my now baby-stretched belly...sigh. That's another story.
The thing with the tattoo is how I know it's absolutely perfect. It's perfect because I picked it out to mean something. It is a Celtic knot, which symbolizes friendship, love, loyalty, (and crap I forget the other thing!) and it is actually made up of 4 little knots for form the big one.
The little knots have three sides to represent the Trinity. And it's Irish for my (whatever percentage) Irish ancestry.
It's perfect also because it's the right size in the right location. This I know because I don't notice it every day. I know I have it but I sometimes 'forget'. To me, that is perfect because it's not some huge massive tattoo all over a body part that is always being seen, I can cover it if I want to, but I really don't except in the winter (cold=long pants). I think if I had one that was so big or so colorful or in a place that I always saw it, or it was seen by others, it might be distracting.
I don't regret it and still like it, so I think it's safe to say I made a good choice. Let me just tell you this came about this morning because I got to shave my legs. Sadly, yes I only get to do that about once a week now, and I actually got to see my tattoo. ha ha.

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