Infant Study Lab

When I delivered Kian at Strong they asked if I wanted to be included in any mailings about participating in any studies. So I said yes. They called me in November to bring Kian in for a study. We went in on December 4th. They just sent me the picture from the study. I believe it was on language and social development in infants. I brought him in, they put a sensor hat on his head--lovely isn't it? Then we sat in front of a screen where they showed him images of either faces or random colors. I think the belief is that babies would be more interested in the faces. Which, he was. He enjoyed the changes of the pictures, but got bored of the colors after a bit and would look around. Then I would have to redirect his head and vision to the screen again and when he'd see the faces he'd laugh and talk again. They all thought he was so cute and so happy. We got a baby t-shirt that says "I'm a Star at the UofR Infant Lab". You could choose that or $10 cash. Whatever. It was only about a half hour from start to finish including paperwork and such. It is a fairly short drive over there. So, we may be getting calls again to participate in more studies. It was kind of fun.

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