Good save

So yesterday I made the save of the day. And I'm paying for it now. I was walking upstairs with Kian, which in a split-level is necessary and unavoidable and occurs multiple times a day, and I slipped. I blame the slippers. Or perhaps the change from carpet to hardwood flooring. Whatever it was, he was in front of me and I was either going to crush him with my fall or he was going to seriously whack his head on the floor. Somehow, I still don't know how yet, I managed to throw one hand out and push off the step, and yank him back with the other arm, simultaneously rolling sideways a bit so I took the brunt of it and he was none the wiser. He never even touched the floor and had no clue what happened. After doing all that, I still went out and shoveled. So sadly, my shoulder and back are seriously hurting today.
Thankfully I was able to save him from any kind of 'damage' as he has his 6 month check up today and that would make me feel horrible, and to have to explain that and pray they believe me, if he ended up with any bruises. Thank God.

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