making babyfood

About a month ago, when Kian was almost 5 months I began thinking about food for him. I think jarred Gerber food is probably fine, but I wanted to really know what I was giving him and monitor the additives, and mix and match as I see fit. It is actually fairly easy. I wasn't sure what I was getting into, in the beginning. I didn't know if I would need special equipment, but you really don't need more than what is already in your kitchen. I had an idea in my head, just get some fresh/organic/frozen foods, cook, puree. And after some internet research and checking some books, it really is that simple. It's actually become sort of fun.

I started with green beans from my garden and a squash from Wegmans (my favorite place in the world). I cooked, mashed, pureed in my small single serving food chopper and freeze. Voila! Magic baby food. I try to buy organic veggies and fruit if I can. Also, frozen fruits that aren't in season-which I have read are just as healthy because they are flash frozen and retain the nutrients that slow cooking or slow freezing can zap out of beneficial foods.

Another thing is that I wanted to be able to play with Kian's food (not literally) because Kevin is/was a picky eater. Kevin hates any spices, garlic, onions, whatever I put in to enhance flavor-without adding salt-he isn't thrilled about. In my research I've come across that there's a "movement" if you want to call it, about adding some spices to foods at a young age like this to prep the palate if you will. I think this is genius. All too often I feel that people skip the veggies because it takes a bit for babies to take to them--luckily Kian loves every food, and babies take to fruits much faster due to the sweetness. I have given Kian some cinnamon in his oatmeal, with or without applesauce. Of course, after I know he's okay with a certain food, then I add the 'spice'. He's had nutmeg. I think in a month or so I'll start some veggie medley, or 'dinner' things and add some onion or garlic to get him on this too. If research is true, then he's 'tasted' those flavors in utero and while breastfeeding, we shall see....

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