snow ball fights!

So I thought about writing about something NON controversial tonight I guess. Haha. Kenny & Kiara have been here all day and two nights. Sunday my parents, the kids, Patrick & Savannah came up and we made lasagna and had a nice dinner. Here is Kian sleeping through that nice dinner. Yes, I know I'm a horrible mother who lets my child sleep with not only one blanket, but two and a stuffed animal, in his face. ha! Except that I take the elephant away (it's name is P'nut-a ty beany) after he's fallen asleep, I move it. He likes the softness on his cheeks as he goes to sleep. The kids stayed over, spent the day today and over again tonight. Tomorrow we'll meet my parents at Eastview. Weeeee! I haven't been to Eastview in ages and it's my most favorite mall ever, ever, ever! Need to use some of those gift cards from Christmas too! It snowed overnight only and inch or so, but enough to get some icy snowballs made. We spent the day shoveling (hey they're good, free labor -haha)
lunch, playing with Kian,
some art stuff, then Kevin came home and we all went outside.
Then the three of them had an hour long snowball fight/hide-n-seek snowball war.
Kian got to try his first sled. Somehow, a small mound of shoveled snow on our driveway somehow doesn't do justice to a real sledding hill experience.

Please do note the PINK and RED house behind them. No it's NOT ours. It's our neighbors. I have no idea, so don't ask. All I know is that they have red lights, red jeep, pink tree stump, pink and red pool deck out back. Yeah. Like I said, don't ask cuz I don't know! But it's a great way to tell people where we live ha! Well it's now 10:13 and Kian just decided to join our "new year's eve party" (meaning: Kevin and Me in front of the TV with some crackers & cheese, possibly wine or champagne.) I best get him back to bed. Happy New Year!

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