10 degrees and almost crawling-and teeth-and pictures

Yes I decided to smoosh two posts into one, lest you think I do nothing but blog all day.

(I did make coconut macaroon cookies-altho I do not like the way they turned out-tastes fine but didn't stay together well. And I have been dealing with a cranky, crying, clingy baby all day. Turns out a few days ago I figured out he's working on his top two teeth now. The poor gums are all swollen, he's drooling like a waterfall, and chewing on everything again, including me. Apparently the top teeth hurt more coming in than the bottom ones. He barely blinked when the bottom two came in, just drooled a lot. So there ya have it.)

It snowed overnight, but not the 12 inches they were calling for, maybe 4-6 inches. Enough to make the driveway need shoveling. So during Kian's nap I went out to do the wretched task. Sometimes I don't mind it, but today I did. Reason being is that it was only 10 whipping, windy, biting degrees, albeit sunny. Don't let that NY sun fool you, it doesn't mean anything! And who's the idiot who went out without a hat or ear coverings? Yes, me! So now my ears are hurting and burning, from the half hour I spent out there, and I only shoveled one side of the driveway so far. At least Kevin can get in, I have no plans to go anywhere for awhile.

As for the crawling: Kian's got up on hands and knees down pat. He can push himself backwards and ends up across the room from where he started. He also rotates 360 degrees around to any direction he wants. He now realizes he needs to go forward but is still unsure how. He gets so mad when toys are just in front of him, just beyond reach. I am horribly mean and will not give him every toy every time. He needs to work at it sometimes. In the last week, has begun trying to dive at things as a means of going forward. I am terribly afraid of rug burn. One day he's going to fly across the evil Berber carpet and come up with a rug burn from the top of his forehead, down his nose all the way to his chin, and I'll be the one crying. So, now he's even madder because he dives and doesn't get anywhere still. I, for one, am not so upset because my Christmas tree and decorations are still up. Once they're down, I'm all for crawling...best go get a fireplace guard and some gates for the stairs.

On a side note: I am supposed to get Kian's 6 month pictures taken at Sears tomorrow. However, I do not like department store pictures much. I had his 3 month ones done there, they were okay. My problem mostly is that I do not like the 'cookie cutter' effect, that everyone else also has the same fall background, the same Christmas background, etc. from the same places. There's not much creativity in department store photos. For his one year picture I am definitely going to get a real, professional photographer. (previously I've had Senior Pictures and Wedding pictures done by: Steve Chesler http://www.cheslerphoto.com/ and Darren Backal (at one time Steve's assistant) http://www.backalphotography.com/ (and if you look on Darren's page Kevin and I will appear in a wedding picture on the beach above the word 'beloved'!) So there's a plug to those guys. Wonderful work! Back to my dilemma, I am not sure I want to get the pictures done? If I do I think I would just do one big one for us, and small one for the grandparents. But, money is an issue immediately after Christmas...sigh. I take enough pictures at home.... thoughts???

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You have way too much time on your hands.