Granola moms?

I have called myself a 'crunchy-granola-mom-wannabe' because that's the best thing I could think of. Until now. I read links from links of other blogs and bloggers and this one mother calls herself 'chewy granola mommy'. Totally. She describes herself as part granola but not the crunchy mom type, so she says it's like chewy granola. I can totally relate.

I do cloth diapers about 60-75% of the time (it's more than half but not all the way, and not when I go out places). I breastfeed, yes still. The times my child has had a bottle can be counted on one hand still. I make my own babyfood, and it's almost totally organic. I've done the sling thing. I prefer herbs and natural remedies first as opposed to just popping pills and antibiotics. Isn't that why God made them in the first place? There have been nights when Kian's been in our bed a good part of the night. But he's like his daddy and likes space when he sleeps. Even in the mornings if I bring him in my bed to nurse he starts getting all squirmy and doesn't want to cuddle, so I bring him back to his crib and he's off to sleep for another few hours.
But I'm not all the way 'crunchy' so I like this chewy granola description.

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Rachel said...

Haha... I'd say I'm pretty chewy too.But it was never intentional. I started out with a very non-granola mentality. But I became chewy because it was the right thnig to do, or because it was the most efficient thing to do. Like breastfeeding - I never wanted to, but I did it because it was good for Noah. And I ended up breasfeeding for a year! And he slept in my bed, I never forced him on a schedule, never gave him any refined sugar, only organic food (although I didn't make it myself... this time I'm not working as well so I suppose I'll have no excuse!)

The funny thing is, with my 2nd, my mentality has totally changed. I don't do it for the sake of doing it anymore, I want to do it!