I went and did the pictures at Sears anyways. And I am not thrilled. They have young people in there, with these so-not-original backgrounds that everyone else will have, and they have no creativity in the poses, in the backgrounds, no props, and I'm sure not really any training? I don't mean to bash them, I guess I was just expecting/hoping for more...blah. So here they are:

This one is cute, but I told them I didn't want Christmas-y, but they did it anyways.

The white close up on the right is okay, they cropped it so it's more of his face, so I got some wallets of that.

This one, the winter background is just so commercial or something. It's kinda cute, but then it's so...I don't even know the word--unrealistic! Like c'mon, is the child going to be sitting out in the snow in front of a snow covered bridge and tree? Maybe I should have put him back in his snowsuit for that one? ha.
But, I like it because it's typical Kian. I just wanted a shot or two for his six month, and I told them plain backgrounds and stuff. But these last two, with blah backgrounds, capture Kian. He smiles big and he waves his arms around and gets silly, so the wide open arms is typical Kian. The one of him on the floor is also a 'normal' pose. When he's serious, focusing or getting sleepy the hands go in the mouth and he just kinda watches things.
Kevin was oh so not thrilled with the overalls. But I told him and the lady at Sears, I just wanted a few 'plain' type shots to capture his 6 month phase, growth, etc. I didn't' want fancy. I wanted to capture everyday Kian in everyday clothes doing everytday things. Apparently you get what you pay for. sigh. Funny thing is they actually did the exact same poses, in the exact same order as when I had them do his 3 month. Seriously, sit up, then belly, then from above, etc. That's what I mean about no creativity or originality. No finding out about the child and how the pictures can portray him... But, for $35 I guess that's what I paid for? I'll have to save up and contact Steve or Darren for some real photos that capture 'Kian'.

And yeah he looks just like his daddy here...sigh again. Here's me around 3 months. Kian definitely has Kevin's profile, nose...yeah. He's got my blue eyes! Excuse my dad's 80's haircut and glasses. heheI know some people do 'professional' photos every month, or just once a year. Wondering what everyone else does?

I take a ton at home so I figure if I just get one big, nice one at the 3, 6, 9 month and year mark, it would show the different stages he's in (rolling, sitting, crawling, standing/walking, etc.) Or am I the only one who thinks like that?

Do you stop taking as many pictures of the second one? I'm afraid I'll have tons of picture of Kian and fewer of the next one!

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