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Found this site from some other blog links: http://www.ezzo.info/

"Readers have reason to question not only Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo’s believability but also their suitability to teach others about parenting. The Ezzos have not succeeded in their parenting relationships with their own children as measured by their own standards.
On Becoming BABYWISE tells parents not to look at “the reasoning or logic of the hypothesis” but to “observe the end results,” and Growing Kids God’s Way says, “The relational goal of our parenting is friendship with our children” (emphases in originals). But the Ezzos have not achieved this goal with their own two daughters. (*my side note-friends with your children? I don't think that's what parents are supposed to be!)
Sadly, several years ago, both daughters and their husbands cut off contact with the Ezzos, and they remain estranged. Both couples have confirmed this to Ezzo.info. One couple, the Luedkes, indicated that their decision was based on their personal observation of the same types of character issues raised by others and that it was done only after much prayer, consideration, and counsel.
This situation is a true tragedy, but churches and parents considering the Ezzos’ parenting advice deserve to know that the pattern of broken relationships they have left behind them extends even into their own family.
No doubt readers are weary of the divisive debates over Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo and their teachings. The critics certainly are! It is tempting to throw up one’s hands in despair over the whole matter. But no matter how difficult it may be, no Christian should ignore the obligation to evaluate both the teaching and the character of anyone who claims to teach “God’s way.”
Readers are urged: to ponder the many concerns about the Ezzos expressed by so many people; to evaluate the way the Ezzos respond to criticism, including years of false and misleading personal attacks now renewed on Ezzotruth.com; to evaluate the results in the Ezzos’ own family; and to discern with the Holy Spirit’s guidance what the truth really is."

I'll be honest at first I was just like 'oh that's a crappy idea of parenting'. But the more I read, the more I hear, the more I learn I can't stand it. I can't stand the idea of these newborn babies allowed to cry for an hour in their cribs, babies! Who have no words, no way of letting you know anything, but by crying. Who's to say they're not crying because they've had an explosive diaper all over the crib during nap and yet are forced to stay in there until nap time is over?
It breaks my heart that there are babies crying at all anywhere in the world; but unlike poor, uneducated, unwilling parents (like so many clients I have worked with) these parents are told they're doing the right thing, and they are doing it because they think it's right and they love their babies. Those babies are crying, all alone and no one is coming to them, holding them, comforting them. They are forced to wait for meals when they're tiny stomachs cannot. Then there are toddlers and infants being spanked for things they aren't doing because they probably developmentally can't, or for things they are doing, that are developmentally appropriate.
Controversy? There it is. Here's some more: I've nursed my baby to sleep, I bring him to bed in the morning with me and nurse him there, I rock him to sleep sometimes, I've worn him in a sling, and in a baby Bjorn, I've held him all day long, he's never been in a playpen, we don't always eat at the same time every day, we don't nap at the same time every day, it's close but it's not rigid...we sing, we talk, we play games, we laugh, we tickle, we play peek-a-boo, my laundry is never done, my chores are always there, dinner is sometimes late, but that boy lights up when I walk in the room and reaches for me and laughs as he snuggles in my arms, so I could care less about the rest.

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