The Great Vaccination Debate

By request: My controversial vaccination debate, which will draw much judgement, criticism and comments I'm sure. So I'll just get it out of the way and say: No, I have not vaccinated Kian. And I'm not sure if I will. If I do decide to, it will not be until the age of 2, and I'll explain why later. I am not judging those who do, just providing my reasoning for doing what I'm doing, and some research and other evidence to just make people think. I think an educated approach to this is what is needed, whether you choose to vaccinate or not.

First, let's preface this post with the fact that there is no actual written law stating you MUST vaccinate your child, contrary to what other people, doctors and schools would have you believe. Schools who take parents to court to make them vaccinate children--which I found highly unethical and ridiculous. So, parents do have the right to choose, to vaccinate or not, to give some vaccinations but not others, to wait, whatever they want.

There are many reasons for not vaccinating: religious, philosophical, moral, health, opposition to ingredients, Autism theory, and of course-those "hippie" people. I do not side with any one theory, but rather I researched all these reasons and compiled my own list of why I don't choose to vaccinate at this time. My reasons are: my own DPT reaction as an infant; ingredients in vaccinations; possible harm/Autism reactions; research showing reactions, ages that are better for vaccinations; how FDA approves vaccines; so called 'immunity' that wears off; etc. There is also theories that vaccines can cause auto-immune disorders, unexplained pain and other symptoms, and possibly even caner. One doctor from the early 1900's said he'd never seen cancer until cowpox/smallpox vaccine was becoming mandatory/routine. Interesting...

About the Autism theory, I am not sure exactly where I stand on that issue. I honestly feel that the government and pharmaceutical companies will never give us a clear answer. I feel their studies are not honest or objective enough. They stand to lose too much-money and otherwise. Working in Early Intervention (EI) I had many Autism cases. There was a couple children you could tell in infancy (8 or so months) that were developing Autistic tendencies. Most children were not diagnosed until 18-24 months. They did not develop symptoms until 15/18 months, coincidentally about the time the MMR vaccine is given. This was my first introduction to vaccine debates. Some parents adamantly insisted their child never exhibited symptoms until they received the vaccine. There are some studies that show that the MMR vaccine can cause reactions and neurological symptoms similar to Autism. So, I don't think we'll really get the true answer. My own theory is that some children are predispose, be it genes or whatnot, to Autism and these vaccines and/or reactions 'unlock' the symptoms in them. But, I don't want to take the chance of that happening to my already social, affectionate, extremely vocal child.

Secondly, when I became pregnant I became more aware of what I was putting in my body and the affects of things. I also did lots of research. My mom told me how I had a severe reaction to DPT, so I researched more. I wanted to avoid any reactions in my child. This prompted me to look up delaying vaccines, DPT vaccines, etc. (Note that most reactions to vaccines are to the DPT ones, according to research I've read.) I just didn't want to put something in my child that could cause "inconsolable, uncontrollable, high-pitched screaming/crying; high fever; reactions; rashes; death; paralysis; etc."

This led me to research the ingredients that could cause these reactions. I was absolutely disgusted with what I found. From formaldehyde to cow blood, from monkey kidney tissue to green dye, from mouse proteins to fetal (monkey or human) tissues and acids and all sorts of junk! This website lists every vaccine and what chemicals, animal parts and other additives are in it. I guess I was ignorant thinking that a vaccine was a simple saline solution with dead virus in it. Gross.

Then, I wanted to know how could all these things get into vaccines and be allowed. I mean, how was the FDA, government, medical professionals and people in general okay with their bodies being injected and even poisoned with this stuff? So I did more research about how vaccines are made, tested and commercialized. What I found was incredible and not in a good way. Every time you take an Advil for a headache, neosporin for your cut, you know that this product was tested and screened by the FDA before being allowed in the store or your home. So you feel safe. All drugs, prescription and over-the-counter have to be tested by a double blind study, and several of them, before the FDA approves them. But, guess what? Vaccines do not have to adhere to that. They figure it's unethical to 'test' vaccines on people. Hmm. (A double blind is where neither the tester nor participant know if they receiving the drug or placebo.) So, they think it's unethical to test vaccines on people to see if they work, see if there's reactions, but we'll just inject them in babies anyway? I think they're afraid to see if they'll fail. (*side note-the 'testing' they do to disprove the Autism/vaccine theory is that they look at medical records. They just say 'x many kids have been vaccinated and only x of them have Autism' there's not been many 'real' studies with placebo groups, etc.)

So, now I had this thing fully loaded with animal parts, dyes and chemicals, that is not as thoroughly tested as your toothpaste, could cause reactions and who knows what else, that you wanted to inject into my baby. Convince me why. So I went to Kian's appointment and told the doctor I wanted to wait, I wasn't sure how long but I wanted to wait. His response "okay, but some of these vaccines are only good for babies" Why? "because it's rare that children get this illness under the age of 2, but it can be worse if they do get it". Wait, you want me to give him this junk for an illness he probably won't ever get, especially at this age? "yes". No. I believe that was the Hib one that causes infection or swelling of the airways. I've never even heard of it before.

After thinking some more, especially about how many injections they give and how often I read up on immunities. Vaccines do not guarantee 100% immunity, but the doctors argue "well if you get it at least it won't be as bad". Didn't sell me. That's why they need to continue to give booster shots to kids, teens and adults, to continually try to ensure immunity. And they are finding more of these wear off and are beginning to recommend that every person get even more shots and boosters throughout their life. Now, I had chicken pox, I had the flu, and I was fine. In fact those are the two I would be least likely to ever select. The flu strains vary from year to year, and pharmacies cannot predict which strain will be prevalent that winter. This means that you can get a flu shot for one strain and be subjected to others and still get the flu. I don't think it hurts anyone to get chicken pox either...but that's just me. It's interesting to note that when hygiene and sanitation and plumbing came about all these diseases began declining, before vaccines were routinely administered.

Another thing I did was to research my butt off. I also found research for other countries. Japan for one, has changed it's policy and they do not give the DPT vaccine until age two. They found that incidentally, this caused a remarkable decline in SIDs deaths. (DPT is the vaccine that causes the most reactions.) "One study found the peak incidence of SIDS occurred at the ages of 2 and 4 months in the U.S., precisely when the first two routine immunizations are given,[4] while another found a clear pattern of correlation extending three weeks after immunization. Another study found that 3,000 children die within 4 days of vaccination each year in the U.S. (amazingly, the authors reported no SIDS/vaccine relationship)" This one struck me and it actually made sense. SIDs label is given to cover a multitude of infants death. Who's to say vaccines and/or their reactions didn't cause some of that?

In the hospital I had to sign that I didn't want Kian receiving the hepatitis vaccination. I saw no reason for that. I had the Hep series in high school and through prenatal testing knew I didn't have it and my baby wouldn't have it. Now, unless my newborn was going to become a druggie or become sexually promiscuous immediately, there was no reason for it. There are a lot of side affects with the Hep shot too. I didn't see that necessary at all for a newborn.

Now, I'm sure many people are saying: isn't it hypocritical to not vaccinate and then think it's okay to use medicines to treat or heal? I say no. My though is that God designed our bodies to heal itself, God also provided natural remedies for us (why don't we use them anymore?) and didn't man and sin create sickness anyway?
The body is more able to take on and attack a virus it comes in contact with than an injection of one. "When your contract a virus naturally, the virus invades your body through mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth). This is your body's alarm system. A message is then sent to your brain and body to fight off the invaders. Your body reacts by producing mass amounts of antibodies. When, however, we vaccinate, that normal system of defense is bypassed completely. Instead of the virus entering through mucous membranes (our alarm system), it is injected directly into the bloodstream. Now the body has no time to react. It bypassed the alarm system and now is attacking in full-force. Not only is your body not producing the antibodies needed but your immune system is actually compromised. "

I just feel that to me, to my child, the risks outweigh the benefits at this point. There may be a time when I feel otherwise. I don't know. I don't have all the answers. What I have is research, and statistics from other countries (cuz the good ol' US wouldn't want us to know the whole truth), and my gut feeling. It says my baby was created perfectly, it says he came into this world perfectly and at this point I don't feel I need to change anything about him. I don't want to risk him, his personality, skills or development at this point for something that could harm him, now or later, and not even protect him from what it was designed for. I just can't bring myself to inject that junk into him at this point. I'm not trying to be judgemental about those who do vaccinate, just like those who choose not to breastfeed, or anything else. We all make decisions based on what we know, what we feel and what we think will be or is best for our child(ren). I think that's all we can do. And what's good for me and my family may not be good for yours, and it's okay. All I think is that everyone needs think and research a little -this goes for everything in life, discipline, exercise, food you eat, house you buy, anything.

One final thought: the ridiculous amount of money pharmaceutical companies make on vaccines. Wonder why they push it? *I am not saying anything against Gardisil, this is an example:
"Sales of the cervical cancer vaccine GARDASIL increased 17% from the previous quarter, as the company launches the vaccine in more countries. Merck’s overall sales were up 12% to $6.1 billion of which vaccines totaled $1.2 billion. Gardasil accounted for 35% or $418 million of its vaccine sales exceeding many analysts’ expectations. " Did you get that 418 million dollars. Oh and Merck has about 7 more vaccines they're waiting approval on.
So...with that here's a few more links:

This shows graphs of when disease declined and when vaccines came about, very intriguing:

"Another doctor states that "There is a widely held belief that vaccines should not be criticized because the public might refuse to take them."
One interesting article titled, "A Pharmacist Questions Vaccines " appeared in the December 1994 issue of The American Chiropractor. Some alarming statistics were listed in this article. For example, within a thirty-nine month period ending in November of 1993, the F. D. A. Vaccine Adverse Reporting System collected nearly 32,000 reports of adverse reactions following vaccination, with more than 700 deaths. DPT vaccine was associated with more than 12,000 of these reports, including 471 of the related deaths. "The F. D. A. acknowledges that this voluntary reporting underestimates the actual number of reactions." The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) was passed in 1986, establishing the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).  As of July 5, 1994, the program has paid $452.5 million for vaccine injury or death, and is back-logged with more than 2,600 claim cases--all of which will not be settled for several years.This information doesn't give me much faith in the medical profession's preventative care program. I am not writing this as a for or against position -- just advising that one should make an educated decision on vaccines, whether for children or for animals. ~ Dr. Regan Golob

This lady says it best: "I don't believe the medical community is telling people about the real dangers, and I don't believe society has the right to make me take risks with my child's health for the sake of a perceived benefit to the common good," she says. "I'm obligated to take care of my own child first.",19840,670870_2,00.html?


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I'll have to check out your links. Have you read The Vaccine Book by Dr Sears? And also, are you distinguishing between the DTP and the DTaP?

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I'm glad you have found the truth about this chemical dependant world. Your beliefs make you a perfect addition to our organization. Please join us!

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Yes, I never received any vaccinations and look at me now. I'm in perfect health.

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