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Not a lot going on around here. It's warmed up but become icy due to melting snow, then low overnight temps and some freezing rain turning into rain. Got all that? Blah. Bring on spring already. Snow's only good for Christmas. Then it's annoying.

Kian has some new 'skills' as of lately. He's begun giving me slobbery "kisses" when I get him in the morning. He grabs my face and plants an open-mouthed kiss anywhere on my face. So cute. He is doing a half army crawl thing to get to where he wants to go. He gets anywhere around the room. He has started shaking his head 'no' a couple times. I thought it was a fluke but then he did it to my grandma so I know it's starting. Great. Already. And peek-a-boo. He loves to do that. He tries to play it with the cats, but obviously they're not great companions for that stuff.

Other than that, it's been a pretty quiet weekend. Kevin's grandmother had to move into a nursing home because she needed around the clock help (at 88 what can you expect?) So we went out to her house and helped clean up some stuff and picked out a few things we wanted-couple dressers, patio furniture. She has a lot of knick-knacky things that not many people want.
And I made some new babyfoods. But I didn't have the patience or time to take pictures. Besides once you do one, they're all the same. This time I made fruits for breakfast: pears, peaches, bananas (which you don't have to cook) then I made a fruit mix of those three with some cooked mango in there too. Peaches: 1.99, pears: $2, bananas: $.87, mango: $1, for like $5.86 I got about 100 cubes which is roughly 30-50 meals depending on how hungry Kian is and if I add cereal or not. Can't beat that price. One bag of frozen green beans: 79 cents, made about 20-35 meals. I would have paid 79 cents for one jar! Anyways....

And my cat has a new annoying habit: Rocky gets on the bathroom sink and looks in the mirror and meows loudly at himself then swipes at the mirror. Which would be fine if it wasn't an expensive hanging mirror. It's not a vanity type that's screwed on. oy vey. I have no idea why he does this or just started. Odd.

This was a really random blog, but since I haven't blogged in a few days I thought I ought to put something up there. Maybe later during nap time I will start another holy war with the Vaccination/Immunization thing...

For your viewing pleasure: Kian's peekaboo

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Rachel said...

let's hear what you think about immunizations. I'm struggling with this issue right now.