I Love...

This man:
This is my most favorite picture of him. Ever. After 2 non-sleeping, non-showering, sweaty and intense days he still looks good. The tattooed tough guy exterior melted to mush by that baby. He's funny, he's silly, he's extremely ambitious-always wanting to do things, fix things(sometimes making it worse). He's tough, or likes to think he is, but he's a big mush. I didn't say that though. We are complete opposites, he's social and talkative and outgoing. I prefer to stay home and not talk to people. He likes burgers and pizza, but he's been willing to try my food, like the Chicken French I made last night, and he complemented me on it!

This baby:
He's got my blue eyes and my heart forever. He's the sweetest baby I've ever met. He started kissing me when I get him in the morning and I melt. (OK it's more like a slobber, but he grabs my neck and face and slobbers on my cheeks and it's too much) This baby rarely cries, is happy 99% of the time, loves food, loves veggies, loves to laugh and loves books (yes!). If he's not smiling and laughing then he's watching the world and taking it all in, really thinking. I think he's oh so smart too.

This cat:
Ace, our first cat. The one that wakes me up in the middle of the night to put a paw on my face and lick my nose. He talks to you. He's more of a thinker and watcher, but when he gets going, he can be downright aggressive. He always wants you to talk to him too, not much for picking up and petting, just talk to him.

This cat:
Rocky. The baby. The naughty. For the first 2 months I think he thought his name WAS "naughty". Someday I'll compile all the pictures I have of him getting into everything. He follows me around the house all day long; lays beside the baby and lets Kian grab his fur or tail or ear. He never sits still, always looking for trouble. You'll find him in the dishwasher, the dryer, my drinking glass cupboard, and his favorite place-on top of the DTV receiver. He also loves to attack your feet in the middle of the night.

These cookies:
Good Lord Almighty! I am addicted. This is a horrible picture I know. They're cranberry oatmeal cookies. I'll post the recipe someday. Only that recipes says to used dried cranberries. Blah. I use FRESH cranberries, I love that tang. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off the keyboard.
This game system:
I'm in love, and may have little wii's running around the house someday. It's fun, it's physical. It's the best thing in my house, well except the things I named above. I use the boxing and tennis as part of my 'workout' after I walk/jog on the treadmill or elliptical. It's great. Excuse me while I go play Mario Vs. Sonic Brawl.

This food:
Homemade pizza. I find it better than other stuff, but Kevin likes commercial takeout pizza. Maybe it's because I actually like making stuff too... I like to put my pepperoni on a certain way and use veggies I choose in the cuts I like them to be cut in. Or maybe it's just my Type A crazy OCD personality taking over?
This food:
Is there really, seriously, anything better than garlic? I could live on garlic alone for months. Cooked, sauteed, roasted, garlic salt, garlic powder, you name it I want it. I use garlic in about 99.9% of my cooking (no not baking, cooking). I'm in love with Garlic, obsessed slightly, perhaps.
This pastime:
Board games & cards. Uno, Life, Connect 4, Monopoly, although Mall Madness is still my favorite! I do not, however, like Sorry. Sorry, I just can't get into it, it's *gasp* boring to me haha. And yes, all my games also have the Simpsons counterpart to go along with them, thanks to my Simpson obsessed hubby.
Nothing better than sitting by a warm fire. Well a fire and a good book. A fire, a good book, a cup of hot chocolate AND one of those cranberry cookies, while my baby sleeps. MMM yeah. That's it.
And what do YOU love?
ps-Jon, stop gagging. Go say hi to mumbles, that will make you gag.

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