Babyfood III: multiple ingredient food

Step 1: Here we have what I call 'veggie medley' or 'roast veggie mix'. Call it what you want. 3 small white potatoes halved, one large organic carrot-peeled and cut in to chunks, small piece of onion (flavor, people, flavor!) and some small strips of roasted red pepper. I fully believe in spices, herbs, flavors, etc. to get my child used to what I eat, so he won't refuse it later on. So really step one involves: washing, peeling, chunking and throwing in the pan with some water. Step 2: Roast for an hour or until veggies are soft. Here is the pan of veggies after cooking, i mashed them slightly with a fork to be sure they were soft.
Step 3: Transfer contents of pan into a food processor. If there is cooking liquid left and you want to add it, go for it.
If you feel that the consistency is too thick add some more water or cooking liquid-a LITTLE at a time, or you could end up with a very runny puree that's a pain. But, is still usable if you add some baby cereal too it.
Step 4: process until desired consistency is reached:
Yes you will note in every picture a small finger indentation. I need to taste test and consistency check my foods mm mm!

Step 5: Spoon your pureed foods into ice cube trays for easy freezing, easy thawing and easy portion control (OK not really portion control, but a means of easily making more or less food depending upon your individual child's appetite and needs-better?)
Notice how bright these foods are in color? Makes me feel much better than the very brown tinted foods sitting in jars on the stores. Not that I won't ever buy them or use them, but it just makes me feel better.

Step 6: Wrap with plastic wrap, freeze for several hours or overnight. Once frozen, put cubes into a freezer bag. You can see all my other foods in freezer bags on the right there...

And the potpies? Only Kevin would buy those...probably during my two-week sinus infection where I couldn't function properly enough to make a decent meal.... such is life.

*Please also note that I have tested each of these foods on Kian separately before mixing them all together to ensure he does not or will not have a reaction to them.


Rachel said...

Looks good in a baby food kind of way! I'll be starting this in a few months...

Stinker said...

Yuck. No baby wants to eat that filth. How about some healty Pizza Shack?