Here's how I pictured it...

This is more of what I had in mind when I said I wanted Kian to have 6 month pictures taken. Maybe i should just do them all myself from now on? I love playing with BW and Antique. This is what I wanted, snaps of Kian being Kian. When you're at Sears and they take only 9 shots and must use 4 backgrounds, you don't get the perfect pose or smile or capture a serious moment. I like serious pictures too. He was sitting on my bed while I got dressed and was just being so cute and the white sheet and blue wall behind him just seemed to work. So I started snapping away. I actually took about 75 pictures, just to get about a dozen decent ones. So here they are:

I love these ones because it's a close up of his gorgeous eyes and just a quiet moment.

This was towards the end, he wanted to lay down instead of sit up and he looked so cute. Yes, even with the pacifier. Sadly, I just this moment figured out how to get the date stamp off the camera so I need to find out how to get it off this picture...sigh.
Attempt at crawling
These last two are my favorites. I may get them blown up, even with the stupid date stamped on there, maybe the lab can get them off?
Anyways, just thought I'd share.


The New Mrs. Rue said...

i'm a total Do-it-yourself-er when it comes to pictures. There's nothing better than candid shots of your little one. I went to walmart and got some black velvet and i use that as a background for some of my pictures. And I'm OCD about b&w pictures. not too crazy with the antique looking ones though...but as a mommy you've got a better idea of who your child is & you can capture it in pictures way better than any sears photographer can!

Rachel said...

nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

what great pics of your lil' sweety! absolutely love the last ones. you obviously have no need for sears! happy new year ya chewy granola mom! that's a good one... emily rockcastle