Obsessed with learning

Yesterday I realized how obsessed I am with learning. I myself like to read everything and anything and research a lot to continuously learn. But, I am more obsessed with Kian's learning. I blame my psychology courses and my last 3 years spent in child development with Early Intervention.
For Christmas I made a specific list of toys I wanted for Kian, along with a long list of books I want in his library. These toys included nesting cups (for learning big, small, in, out, stacking, many concepts) a shape sorter (shapes, colors, more in/out, problem solving, etc.) pop on beads for fine motor development. Yes, I think about toys and what they should be teaching my child. I don't particularly care for random lights and sound toys unless there's a concept behind them. But, he does has some.
When he was born I adamantly insisted that no one get him stuffed animals. (yet he has quite a few-ugh.) I don't mind a few for him to cuddle or sleep with. But I remember my sister having 2 huge bins full of stuffed animals she would never get rid of but never played with. And really you can't play much with stuffed animals, save for a few imaginative scenes with some animals.
Then, yesterday my mother-in-law made a comment about how many toys he has and he'll get more for his birthday or what will he get for his birthday (that's another sad blog, now everyone's counting down to his birthday! nooooo!). I immediately said "not more toys, he needs blocks, books and puzzles". In my child development brain that's the logical gifts because that's what one year olds need exposure to, to develop cause & effect, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, to challenge their brain. Yeah.
Am I just totally obsessed or does any educated parent want their child to be 'ahead' and exposed to many learning opportunities and stimulated instead of just 'entertained'?
Jon no comments from you on my craziness!

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Jim said...

Ok, I'll just say the opposite of what I'm thinking. Your ideas are well thought-out and logical. They ensure the stability of the organization for years to come. Uh oh yea, your hygiene is above average and you emit a tasteful, flowery perfume.