8 Months!

I'll try not to brag too much, but I will anyways. Kian is crawling, waving, kissing, pulling to stand occasionally, making tons of sounds, the typical stuff. He is trying to sign milk now, he has known what the sign means for a long time. (trust me, I make the sign and he gets excited)
He also likes to turn the pages of board books when I read them to him. I know you're thinking, he can't. But if the page is up a little he grabs it and turns it. Obviously he doesn't have the fine motor skills to pick it up and turn it himself yet.
He's also been clingy lately, actually grabbing on to me when one of Kevin's friends tried to see him.
My mom and I did the ASQ on him and he was already doing everything but one item required on the test.
He also has been eating like crazy and really prefers table foods as opposed to nursing all the time, which is fine.
I don't think he's gained much weight lately, but he has grown longer, as proven by his shortened pants that I've had to retire to storage. We don't have an appt with the pediatrician until next month so it will be interesting to see where he's at then.

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Dirty Sanchez said...

Does he know the sign for a Cleveland Steamer?