Manic Monday-Post Superbowl

I have to say that was the best Superbowl I've seen in years. Now, I admit I am/was a Pats fan. The good-looking Tom Brady wooed me for years. Lately Tom Brady's "snobiness" and random baby-making attitudes have turned me off. Takes me back to high school with the jocks thinking they're all that and a bag of chips. (How's that for 1994?)

But, I've always enjoyed the Manning brothers. They're laid-back, respectful, normal people. Even-keeled, slow to anger, let things roll of their backs. In other words, I think they are wonderful role models. And Eli is "take him home to mama and tuck him in with a cookie" cute. I had a few rowdy screaming boys crying for Tom Brady's head on a platter, or at least 24 sacks, praying my baby wouldn't wake up. Overall, since I started liking football, I really enjoyed that game and am forever a Manning brother's fan. Or is it Manning Bros. ? haha.

On another note- Congrats go out to:

Monica (Page) Little on the birth of Tyler Daniel Little 1/28/08

Stephanie Wexler on the birth of Tristan Matthew Wexler 2/1/08 (who at 5 weeks early was still 7-13!!)

Elissa & Paul on finding out they're having a boy in June. Kian will be thrilled to have a boy cousin to play with! yay.

And Kian is now moving forward. We're not quite at hands & knees crawling, but an army crawl/inchworm forward movement. He gets around the room quite quick actually...ugh baby gates and cupboards locks I must buy you....

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