Tired Tuesday--and pictures

Something's gotta give here. And soon. I know this teething thing is painful, but wouldn't it be better to sleep through it? I don't have a drop of baby tylenol in the house. Nor do I have baby orajel. I know, I'm a moron. I don't understand how these top teeth haven't made their way through yet. I can see them from every angle, it's like saran wrap is covering them, that's all. Last night, Kian wouldn't even go to bed. He usually does that fine. We brush his little teeth, read a story or two, then I rock him for a bit in the dark, then put him in bed. He sometimes fusses for abut 20 seconds then he's out. Last night he just kept screaming. I'd rock him, he'd be almost asleep, put him in, scream. I tried letting him cry for a bit, but it turned into hysterical screaming, which is unusual. He finally fell asleep on Kevin's lap, watching TV at 9 pm-over an hour after I tried putting him to bed. Sigh, big sigh. And I have another plugged duct. Oh it's way fun today.
So instead here's some pictures of Kian and Aunt NeeNee from Superbowl, in his adorable football sweater:

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