Not a feminist

Lately, dealing with so many issues around me I've been thinking about a woman's role in the world, life, marriage, etc. I know I'll tick some people off, but I think I'm an anti-feminist. Does that make me a masculinist? ha that's not even a word.

Anyway, I used to say that there was no need for me to go to college, all I really wanted to do was get married and have babies. (Oh how quaint, redneck, country, old-school, old-fashioned, stupid, pathetic, ___insert word of choice here) But, I loved babies and boys so much, it made sense in my mind at 15. I am thrilled to have gone to school and receive a degree, albeit a useless one. I learned so much, about life, about myself, about so many, many things, it really was wonderful. And my psychology has helped me deal with life and clients and even my husband. ;)

I have no problem with women having jobs, while having babies and what not. My problem is when they start losing priorities and their home, their marriage, their children suffer because of it. Women these days want it all, they are told they want it all, they are told they need it all. They are told they are oppressed and will never have power or be anytthing until they have it all, they rise to the top, they overcome, and all that jazz. But then the choices they made earlier suffer. If you choose to have a husband and family than that should always be your first priority. Sadly, so many people, men and women are more concerned what the world thinks about them than their own families. They make their families suffer so they can succeed in the business world or society or financially or whatever it may be.

I know that many people do not think like me, at least anymore. They would call this 'June Cleaver' and stupid. I made the choice to have a husband, I made the choice to have a baby and to me, they are my first priorities. While I am staying home, I think it's my "job" to have a clean home, nutritious meals prepared, stimulating/educating my child, adn to keep myself healthy/fit to take care of my family. If I choose to work outside the home, which may be necessary soon, I will find something that will allow me to do so without taxing me so much that I can't give to my family and home, and not something that will have to 'come home' with me when the work day is done. That's taking away from my family if I do. I know, I'm on thin ice here with many people. They think it's foolishness.

So, then last night I was reading Kian a Bible story from his baby Bible. I found it in his bookshelf and said, I should read him a sotry every night (they're short 2 paragraph stories). So last night was about God creating Eve. Then I got in the car today and found my "Women of the Bible" cd and popped it in for something different. It was the story of Eve. No, I'm not to the part yet about her giving Adam the forbidden fruit-that's another story in itself, a lesson I suppose. The passage was: God created Adam to take care of all the animals and all other creations (plants, trees, waters, etc.) and since he was lonely God created Eve as a helper to Adam. As A Helper. Adam's job was to take care of things and Eve was to help. It wasn't that Adam and Eve were to divide responsibilities equally, it wasn't that Eve was to take care of things and Adam help. Eve was the helper.

Oh how 1950's right? Anyways. I just thought how far society strays. Come to your own conclusions. I'll get off my soapbox now. I just felt reaffirmed in my decisions about my priorities and family right now. Especvially since I get all kinds of questions about why I'm not working, don't I want to work? Aren't I wasting my degree? Don't I get bored? Doesn't Kian need socialization? Don't I need socialization? Aren't I wasting my brain? and the list goes on. Answers: No one ever wants to work, we just have to. I use my child psychology/development, and education courses daily. Bored is a subjective term, sometimes I feel bored, but there's always things to do. I take Kian to visit friends and babies and kids sometimes-but he is only awake for a couple hours before napping again anyways. I get socialization with family and friends and my hubby. Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my brain, but it's just being used differently. Well, I just had some thoughts banging around in my brain and felt like getting them out. Life's never easy, no matter what we choose anyway.

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Carlo said...

Odd... so religious yet your child hasn't been baptized.