I forgot to say that his top tooth came through the other day. Now the other 2 are just about there. We had some sleep for a few nights after it popped in. Now that the other ones are just about there he was up again every 2 hours last night. Blah. And he poked me in the eye this morning, which made it all puffy and very hard to see out of and hurts horribly. I was going to a mom's group today but after being so exhausted and now with a puffy eye...I think I shall stay home ...sigh. In this freezing, snowing, icing weather. I love it. My dad's going to FL next week, is that fair? No! I should take some pictures and send them to FL, but they'll just laugh and say how glad they are they aren't here. I will try to get some teeth pictures because I think they are oh so cute. Kevin likes to call him a beaver now. Great!

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