I'm so over:

*babyfood. I'm thinking if all the previous mothers over the last 1000 years did without the little jars, we're all good. I did three months of making my own baby food. It was fun, it was interesting, but some work. I find that now that Kian is about 8 months old he seems to be ready for 'our' food. I've slowly introduced a variety of foods, now meats and some spices. It's just simply easier to mush up whatever we're eating. Like, last night I made beef stew, with potatoes, carrots and celery, some bay leaf, parsley, ground pepper and garlic powder. Before I added some cornstarch/flour (to thicken) and salt, I simply took some out for him, let it cool and mashed it a bit. He loved it, was fine with it, and oh so much easier. I'm using up what's left in my freezer and then he's on 'our' table foods. Soooo much more cost effective this way.
(*If I took the time to actually calculate it out, I'm sure it'd be a lot. I just tell Kevin by breastfeeding I've saved him about $25 each week in formula; and by making my own baby foods I've saved $12-25, maybe more, each week. So far, that's $875 I'd have spent on formula, and around $300 on baby food. Let's not forget I save a ton by using some cloth diapers. Ok I'll stop bragging now.)

*tons of baby gear. That swing is now taking up my basement storage, when it barely got used. By 4 months Kian was way over it. I didn't let him sleep in it, so it was rarely used. Bouncy seat that got used for the first 3 months, only if I was making dinner, taking a shower, etc. Gadgets galore. I'm a big floor play believer. He and I spent most of the time, and still do, on the floor, with toys, with books, cats, whatever. (My thought is that you use more gear the more kids you have, because you have less hands??)

*deceiving labels. You think you're buying healthy whole wheat bread, only to find all the junk that's in it, which is not that healthy for you. Lori's natural foods, here I come. I do tend to make a lot of things here at home-pizza crust, breads, rolls, etc. I really would love to venture in to pasta making, but I don't have a pasta maker.

*winter. Snow. cold. ice. Basically Rochester weather. Shoveling. Aching back from shoveling. You know, the good stuff.

*politics and government. I've yet to find a politician or candidate that's trustworthy.


*teething at night.

*razor cuts when I shave. (that's if I get to shave, since I'm always on duty, showers tend be in and out, so horrible for a water lover like me)

*this cream and blue 80's country wall paper in my family room. Just wait until spring you wretched paper, you will be history! (.....Jon....?)

*dull knife blades. Finally I got a knife sharpener, works wonders, who'd have thought?

*I'm sure there's more but that's just what came to my head while I was on the elliptical.

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