Me too?

Everyone in blog world is having a Valetine's story contest thingy. I am not included, but I figured I might as well include myself in the mushiness. At the very least I can say some nice things about Kevin on this lovely day.

I don't think I have a dramatic or traumatic or awe-inspiring story. I think it's a simple, gradual evolution of love, will you. The very first time I saw Kevin, before I knew it was Kevin, my roomate and I were at a college 'church' service. Basically, led by students, very casual on a Sunday night. We were late, because that is Jessica and I. Together=late. And since we were always together, we were always late. But, I digress. We slipped in the back, in the very last row. There was a guy and a girl in front of us. They had some sporty clothes on and were kinda dusty (volleyball just before church?!). He, in his wife-beater (if you know Kevin, that's his darn trademark) had his hand...on... her... behind! In church! (well kinda church). That's all Jess and I talked about the whole time. He insists it was her hip. But, we thought he was cute. That was it.

Then about a month later, another friend dragged me to BT's with her. (Mmm BT's, the wonderful late-night, full-grease food pit.) She also wanted to go because she was in love with a guy who was there. That guy happened to be Paul, Kevin's brother. Now, I should mention that NEITHER Paul or Kevin actually went to Roberts. They lived across the street from Roberts, but both went to Brockport, but spent every waking moment at Roberts. So, Heather dragged me there and introduced me to Paul, Kevin and Josh. That Sunday she begged me to go to their house with her and make them cookies. Having nothing better to do, I obliged, knowing how in love she was with Paul.

Of course I began talking to these boys and we became friends. I was at the time however, "with" a Marine, who was in California & Japan. And Kevin was with the volleyball-butt-touching girl anyways. But, we hung out, a lot. Kevin ended up dumping volleyball girl, but I was still with Marine guy. So, we just hung out, a lot. Paul and Kevin would come to my dorm room (remember at Roberts boys aren't allowed in girls' rooms.) they would come to the window outside the room and throw little rocks and pebbles at the window so I could come down. It was the cutest thing. I think Jess might have been worried they would break the window?? We usually just studied together, we took walks around campus, went to the gym, etc. At this point Paul and I hung out a lot more, as we were the studious ones, while Kevin goofed off a lot. I remember one male friend telling me that Paul and I would probably get together. I just kinda laughed and said that isn't the brother I wanted. Even tho I was with Marine guy.

Then came summer break, then winter break. That Christmas break, Kevin piled his brother and his best friend in his tiny camaro to drive the hour to see me in the snow. Kind of odd for being friends with a girl who has a 'boyfriend'. He also went all the way to Leroy to get on the thruway instead of geting on in Henrietta, which means he made his drive 35 minutes longer, in the wrong direction, than he needed to. He still has directional issues, but that's why I'm here.

So when we got back to school that fall, that would be 2001, Kevin and I were best friends and hung out every waking minute. Marine guy was still in the picture, and of course was very upset about my time with Kevin. It was about that time that I realized I didn't like it when other girls flirted with him. It never bothered me before because we were friends. I tried to ignore it, but my lovely roomate did not help the situation and liked to encourage me in all the wrong ways. Gosh I love her. We spent most of that semester helping Kevin studying Chemistry and A&P, since he liked to fail Chem we had lots of work to do. Not exactly what a psych major knew about.

Well, about 3 weeks after being in school, I get a call from Marine guy, who was in Okinawa at this time. He proceeds to tell me some unmentionable things he did and paid for. Enough said. I couldn't get my head around that and ironically Kevin called to see if I wanted to walk around the beach right then. Of course I did, I needed to process what had just happened and what I was to do with it and it helped to process things with Kevin who just listened. Keivn never told me what to do, but said that was totally wrong, unfair and I didn't deserve that. That only helped to make me start falling in love with him. I ended it with Marine guy, but he tried to make it the world's longest breakup.

Kevin and I began getting closer and realizing there was definitely more there. I think he finally realized it when just before end of spring semester, I went trapsing through the woods with him for almost 2 hours, covered in mud, getting lost and scratched up, just because he wanted to. Going home for summer break was difficult knowing we were going to be an hour away. We never really talked about us, it just was. Finally after a few weeks of long calls and lots of emails, Kevin said he was coming out for my 21st birthday. He was bringing a present and it was for his girlfriend. That was official. Which I have to make mention it was rather funny because he had told me this "list" when I first met him about what his girlfriend had to have and he listed a car as a major thing. Well, I didn't have one. Ironic?

We only 'officially' dated for about 5 months before we got engaged. People thought/think we were crazy, but the years of being good, close friends really allowed us to know each other and it just seemed natural. Now, I realize we're nearing 5 years. Four and a half years we've been married, we've survived living next to mumbles. (I'll write about mumbles soon!) Of course there are ups and downs, but we've remained friends and encourage each other in our separate areas and it's been amazing, we really complement each other because we are such opposites. Kevin is outgoing and social and wants to be where the action is, I prefer staying home with my tea and books. So odd. Makes me laugh when I think I actually thought I was going to marry Marine guy and go live randomly around the world, that's so not me. I was trying to be someone I wasn't cut out to be. And with Kevin, I can be who I am.


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