First-a poop story

Now, this is the kind of thing that keeps families together and makes you love your spouse even more...or is it?

The other day we were getting Kian ready for a bath. I gather up the supplies (I keep soap, shampoo, toys, lotions, in this handy caddy, but mine's just plain blue) and get the bath water ready, clear out the sink, etc. While I do this, Kevin has taken to getting Kian undressed, undiapered, etc. Good teamwork so far right? Kevin lets me do the washing and the rinsing, then he's ready with a warm towel and diaper, he hates the thought of Kian being cold, probably because he doesn't enjoy it himself...

Of course, Kian is into standing up all the time and jumping if you are holding onto him. He wouldn't sit down, and definitely not lay down for Kevin to take off his diaper. Kevin says "can I take it off while he's standing up?" I said "sure, as long as there's not any..." Rip goes one side, rip goes the other. "" And what do you think? Of COURSE there was poop in it. Did Kevin even bother checking before he let it rip? No. Does the child stand still? No, he dives toward the sink and the water. Diaper falls, poop falls on that lovely 'chuck' mat I stole from the hospital. (I mean accidentally found it's way into my bag when I left after laboring for days on end) Kevin goes to grab a wipe to pick up the poop with, and Kian, whom Kevin is still holding, steps back into it. Then steps onto the sink.

At this point, I am laughing so hysterically I can't breathe, I can't talk and am trying my darndest not to pee my pants. And probably if you're not a parent and had your own poop story, which you ALL have one, you won't see the humor in this. Yes it's gross, but when you have a baby it's not so gross anymore. Well it is, but not like it used to be...
Luckily Kevin was laughing too. Grabbed some papertowels, wiped things down. Got the kid in the bathwater. I grabbed some bleach and sanitized the area (no NOT the baby or his bathwater.) Whew! If I had a video I'd probably have one that darn show and got me some money!

On another note, I think next week I'll do some tributes...maybe YOUR name will come up?
And I know I have other readers, but they never make themselves known. I feel so sad, like Rachel and Christy are my only blogworld friends hehe =)

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