Fear Less Fridays

Last week I did a 'fearless' friday post. This time I changed it to Fear Less, because these are things I fear and maybe I will fear them less if I talk about them? Oh who am I kidding, they'll still scare the crap out of me.

Today, I am going to admit that once in awhile, thank God it's not often, I get stuck on what would happen to my child, my spouse, the world, without me? Or if something happened to both Kevin and I? Would there be fighting over my child? Who would raise him closest to what I would? Would he know how much I love him? Would he know how much I/we sacrificed for him and actually appreciate it? Horrible I know.

Now, I do have some thoughts on who I would actually want to raise my child. Yes, I know this is where everyone lectures me on having a will or something in writing, and yes we plan on getting that done soon. I would also plan on having someone else see to the money part.

I just panic sometimes when I think of these things. Boys aren't emotional and how would this child really truly know the depth of my love if I wasnt there to tell him? Would anyone else remind him? Even tho I wish he could stay small, I want to see him grow up and see who he will be.

Ok, confession over. Hopefully, in time this fear will become less and less...

Can someone also tell me WHY for the love of Pete the stupid spell check hasn't worked in weeks?!!!!

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