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Ever the show-off. (Jon is puking in his office about now-don't worry Jon my first tribute will be to you.) This was typical Kevin when I met him-showing off for the ladies, he's toned it down a bit. Nov 2000 (there's roberts tennis courts in the back)
Halloween 2000 @ Roberts
Technically Roberts didn't have a "halloween party". It was more like a fall gathering, but some people dressed up. How horrible a pimp and his lady showed up there! Gosh to have that body back...excuse me while I sob a bit. The other sad thing is that Kevin originally had leather pants on, but apparently they were too sweaty. They got donated or thrown out shortly after this. I also forgot to mention yesterday, before I officially met Kevin, Jessica and I went on a hayride around campus at night. In the middle of this hay ride, 3 half-naked guys, in boxers and ski masks jump out of the woods and scare the crap out of about 20 girls on this wagon. A month later, yep I found out it was Kevin, his brother Paul and some other guy. wackos.

I really hesitated on this one as it shows a momentary lapse of my otherwise perfect judgement! Winter 2001
Roberts girls were either: 1. studious, innocent, quiet girls or: 2. hell-raising clubbers, athletes who came only for scholarships and not the spirituality, then the clubbing. Jessica and I were of the first. But, we did have to let loose occasionally. We got dressed up like some twisted goth-clubber combo, did our makeup, and...stayed home, with the thong-song. Yep. We were some real rebels I tell ya.

Again, showing off. Fall 2001
In the Roberts apartments, guys were allowed to visit during the day. Jessica's lovely comforter on the couch, that horrid, ugly, smelly thing, I miss it sometimes. I think we were practicing naming muscles and body parts for a test...?

Spring 2001
Still just friends. Those flowers? Jessica and I picked them ourselves...from the planted gardens on campus. Oops. See what I mean about always hanging out? hanging around?

April 2001
My mom brought the kids up to see me, we went to the park down the road. So cute. So small. Promptly after this Kevin called to see if I wanted to go with him while he got his haircut, he might need girl advice. I went. But, my mother was on her way home anyways.

Summer 2001
We were dating at this point. I don't seem to remember what tired Kiara and Kevin out so much?

Halloween 2001
The month after we got engaged. We came to my parents house and Kevin painted and carved pumpkins for the kids. Since he's an expert professional pumpkin carver, it's always his job. And he can do a mean Blue's Clues voice.

September 2003
After the ceremony and reception, on the beach, same spot he proposed.

Thanksgiving 2005
December 2006

Announcing Kian's impending arrival to the family.

December 2007

And that I think brings it pretty up to date.

PS I think I like myself as a blonde, the way I was born, but sadly is now disappearing... And I wish I still had those legs...sigh. Back to the treadmill.

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