Thoughts on a Thursday

I've had a lot on my mind lately. Life's going pretty fast. Sorting some things out, taking others as they come. Last night when I couldn't get to sleep right away I had an entire list of Thursday thoughts, but of course when I finally have a second they are no where in sight. But, some things:

*Kian almost has got the pincer grasp down. Poor boy, he tries so hard, you can see him concentrating. If he drops his food he either sighs or slaps his tray. Great, he'll be competitive like his father.

*I'm considering starting another blog for just my recipes. More for myself to remember how I made something I suppose. I really don't use "real" recipes often at all.

*I would like a magic wand to freeze time sometimes.

*Sometimes I feel my blog is like a junior high girl-chatty, annoying and not really saying much. I feel stupid that I don't always have wonderful, breath-taking, in-depth, awe-inspiring words flowing out. But, then sometimes I thank God that is how it is.

*And then there's times I just gotta wonder why, why things happen at certain stages in life, suddenly and without much warning, that come along and change the course of everything you knew and the entire future too. I'm just not ready for that.

*Sometimes I like to nibble on my baby. Tickle his toes. Whisper in his ears. Munch on his ribs. Kiss his hands. Then I want another one.

*I kind of feel like I'm on one of those cartoons where the guy is walking across an old wood/rope bridge and every step he takes, the previous wood slat falls out and crashes into the gorge below. Yeah, that's me right now.

*I absolutely love my fireplace. And my cats. Especially warm, fuzzy cats sleeping next to the fireplace. But, not that my child can now crawl towards and onto the hearth. Oh, but when it's 5 degrees (without the windchill) it's the best.

*Speaking of cats: some night I am going to bed with my camera so I can wake up and capture them. Some point after I fall asleep (they always wait until I fall asleep) they sneak in and one sleeps halfway on my left foot and the other sleeps halfway on my right. Usually Ace is on the left because Rocky likes to sleep between both Kevin and I. Problem is, as mothers know, if there's a small, breathing, warm body in bed with you, you don't move, even in deep sleep. I spend most of the night is some weird, crooked position until I wake up and realize there's cats on my feet and because they are just cats I can move them. But, it can be sore on my neck, back and knees!

*Of course when I wanted to take pictures of the snow, neither of my cameras have batteries. I absent-mindedly bought only ONE lithium Ion battery for my Nikon (film) camera, and the Wii ate the last 2 AA batteries that the digital needs. Yes, I could take them from the Wii, but I am going shopping tomorrow, so I know the snow will still be there.

Time to let my overflowing brain decompress in front of the tv for awhile.


American Mum said...

A home with children is always in need of batteries somewhere! Almost everyday, at some point, Noah says "Daddy buy more batteries."

And where is your other blog?

Innocence Underrated said...

My goal this weekend is to get my recipe blog up and running, although it probably won't feature as many pictures and it won't be as great as Pioneer Woman's Cooking blog, it'll be a reference I suppose.

I usually buy batteries in bulk at BJ's, but after Christmas and with Wii and cameras, they went FAST! Oh how I love BJs, diapers, batteries, pretzels!

Carol said...

You souc like such a great mommy. I like Gerber brands myself. You know they're easier for babies to handle and take on hikes in AZ with us. Camping too.

Our cute little boy can paddle in the lakes in spring already at 10 mo. old. Walked at 8 mo.(last year that is). Growing like a weed.

We had to give away our dog though kept snapping at Blake. I cried.

Keep writing, love the sweetness of it all... babies are beautiful and baby blog mommies.

We plan on 5.