Weekly Updates

Having spent the last three days with 2 extra children, who weren't exactly being angelic (one more than the other-and not the one you'd think) I'm exhausted. Kevin threatened no more children, but I had to remind him that they weren't ours and were raised different and had been around and around and had lots of change in their lives and also were on vacation from school and all that jazz...I think he saw my point. Don't worry, there will be more children ;) Kian is now officially crawling the "right" way. Monday morning he was doing his usual inchworm crawl across the room. Then, he looked up at me, put one arm out, then the other, then each leg. And that was it. I'm thinking, 'why weren't you doing that earlier then?' But, babies do what babies do. He now has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth and 2 more top teeth on either side of the middle ones are on their way. And, he likes brushing them at night. I say "brush teeth" and he opens his mouth and lets me swipe at them a bit. He also is waving more like a wave instead of the fisted hitler wave. He waves his arm up and down and then tries to wiggle his fingers. Too stinkin cute. This is Kian's first ever picture, well that he took. My camera was on the floor and he crawled over, grabbed it and i have no idea how, but managed to turn it on and push the button. Mostly it was in his mouth though. Yum.

I think we're going to finish the week quietly. I'm beat.

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