9 month check

He's so smart. =)
9 month check: 18.5 lbs (we thought for sure about 20! but he's on the move all the time!)
28 inches long

The visit went like this:
Nurse-formula, breast milk?
Me-breast milk
N-rice cereal still?
Me-no, multigrains, oatmeals, a variety
N-transferring objects to each hand?
N-making sounds? (as Kian is saying baba, dada, mama, lala, etc.)
Me- um yea, lots

Doctor comes in. D-his weight has slowed. (show charts) We worry about that when they cross 2 lines (on growth chart) without going up. So we'll need to watch it.
Me-mm hmm.
D-how's his eating?
Me-great, loves food.
Me-breastmilk, breastfeeding.
D-what's he eating?
Me-mostly table food, veggies, fruits, crackers, meats.
D-hmm okay.
*checks eyes, ears, nose, teeth, stomach, back & feet.
D-do you have any concerns? any concerns with anything physical?
D-well he looks really good.

Oy vey. I could do this myself. Seriously. I go in there, they weigh him, look at his body, tell me to start giving him milk around a year, tell me to give him cheese and yogurt, yada yada. I mentioned to him that I am going slow with dairy products and Kevin and I both had sensitivities when we were younger and still do at times. He says, well most kids don't have any problems and parents just switch right away.

Oh and get this--he says to me "well formula or breastmilk is needed for the first year, after that cow's milk/whole milk is best, great protein, etc. for toddlers. well...some people continue breastfeeding after a year, so you could if you both wanted to."

Yes, because a cow's milk is so much better than human milk...for a HUMAN. Good thing I only go there once every few months or I'd have a lot to say. I just go in for my obligatory weight checks, nod and leave. I pretty much disregard 90% of what they say. All doctors I have ever met, like to say there's not really benefit of breastfeeding past a year. Of course there is.

Every time, even though I have made it clear that I am not vaccinating Kian, maybe at 2, maybe never, they continue to ask me if I want to. I'll let YOU know when or IF I want to. Maybe they should also check in with WHO about growth charts for breastfed babies that studies have proven breastfed babies have different curves then formula fed babies. If I was worried I would have called you right?

I know, I know, there's a lot of incompetent people/parents that they deal with on a daily and hourly basis. So they have to give their spiel over and over and treat everyone like dummies, they can't assume all parents are educated like myself. I'm just tired of being treated like a complete moron by pediatricians. My doctor doesn't treat me that way, my dentist doesn't treat me that way. Alright enough ranting. My baby's healthy, happy and smart. So we're good. =)

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