This picture is kind of crazy, as he wouldn't stop jumping in his Jumperoo long enough for me to take a normal shot. But, I really wanted to get his teeth. You can see 4 of the 6. There's 2 more that came in on either side of the top ones. Kevin's been calling him Jack-o-lantern. I say he's got the Madonna gap. Hopefully it grows together as he gets older.

We're being warned of another snow storm headed this way. Not cool. After being about 60-something Monday, we were really hoping it'd at least stay in the 40's! Here's some pictures of us taking a walk on Monday.
Visiting the horse farm up the road.

Jack Nicholson anyone?

Touching snow for the first time. Not sure about this cold, white stuff!

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Tessio said...

Looks like a demonic Bugs Bunny.