Is it possible? Could he? Already? I think my baby, who won't even be 9 months for two more weeks...is having temper tantrums! Oh gosh. I've seen it recently when I: take the bowl away after a meal (even if the food is gone), put him on the changing table and he doesn't want to be changed that second, and on a few other occasions.

He actually shrieks, arches his back, throws himself around, kicks his feet. It's a grand ol' time I tell ya. I really didn't think it was possible at this age. It has to be, because I make/made sure that nothing else was wrong, poking him, pinching him, causing him to scream and throw himself around. Nope, just the fact that HE wasn't ready. I mean I've noticed he needs transition times, he can't just be thrown in bed. He needs a story and a few minutes of cuddling in the rocker. But...oh my.

They're not horrible really, after a minute I can usually distract him. He was easily redirected in a matter of seconds before, but he's now intent on his purpose and course and angry if I take him out of that. What scares me the most? That he's not even 9 months yet, and I figured I'd have at least another 6 months before this started. That I may be having a battle of wills with this child for a long time. That this means he's going to be headstrong and stubborn? (Like BOTH of his parents) Oh. joy.

I guess I'm just surprised it's happening so early. He's a happy boy 98% of the time. But, apparently since he can't talk yet, not for lack of trying, he's going to make it well-known his feelings. Talk about learning patience! Try that on an 8 month old who you can't reason with, discipline, or understand why you're doing something and that he can be back to playing in a minute. Well, we're in it now.

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Barzini said...

He's spoiled. Probably needs a ride in the minivan.