Multi-topic Manic Monday

A little alliteration anyone?
It was so nasty on Friday and Saturday, zero visibility, so stinking cold and we ended up with over a foot of snow. I'd like to say a foot and a half. Jon will correct me with the exact measurements from the "Meteorological Weather Men Association". Right. (I know that most of you don't get my humor so I end up sounding stupid, at least Jon gets it-I think, usually.) Sunday we spent a nice hour shoveling. Our nice neighbor plowed us Friday night, Saturday at 4 am and then we had to shovel the rest. I'm so over winter.

Spring, please come soon. Thank you.

Ok, so it was August, not spring, but heck I just want warm weather to be out like that again!

*Kevin's Supplement & Vitamin business website is up and running. It's still in the beginning phases, and he is adding more products daily. I have been helping him by showing him what will appeal to women (ie. weight-loss products, vitamins, herbs, etc.) So, it's an on-going thing. But he's made his prices cheaper than GNC or other stores. He's been doing a lot of orders for his clients from the gym, they're good, well-known products. Anyway, just thought I'd share about what he's/we've been doing lately. Feel free to take a gander. They ship to anywhere in the US at this time.

*Tomorrow I plan on posting about some parenting books I've come across, read about, researched and would like to save anyone else the time and trouble of even thinking about. They're....not good, shall we say.


chemicalfreecaz said...

Hey, nice to meet you, we are really HOT at the moment, 5 days of over 40 degrees. Love the snow photo's we do not get snow, where i am in OZ. i was born in the UK so i have seen it in real life, would love to show my girls.
I am in OZ. I have 3 daughters, 19, 17 and 14 WOW! we just settled the oldest into UNI. Hope to chat further Caz

Luka said...

Well Australia, you can take all our stupid snow. They like vegemite in OZ.

Anonymous said...

WoW..some very beautifully captured shots!