Just gotta brag a little bit...

Bear with me. I'm having a mommy moment. I just have to brag about my little guy. He's doing so much lately it's crazy, keeps us on our toes and is so stinkin sweet I can't stand it. Where to start?

Kian now crawls up and over things, which means onto the woodstove and hearth, and attempting the stairs. (Weekend run to Babies R Us for gates!)

After saying Dada for almost 3 months he's finally saying Mama and says it all the time.
He is imitating and trying to repeat what we say. Yesterday I was sweeping the kitchen floor and he was crawling towards my pile of dirt. I said "yucky, no, yucky" he stopped, sat up, and goes "uck". Now that's his new word of the week.

He's been trying to make cat sounds for the last week or two. Every time he hears one of the cats meow he makes a high-pitched voice and tries to imitate it, unfortunately it comes out more like a high-pitched duck. Hmm..

He's pulling up on everything, attempts a few steps, but really just loves standing, and even dancing a bit. Shakes his body around and bops his head. (I'll have to add video soon!)

Gives kisses (albeit open-mouthed, with teeth-all 6-and slobbery)

Waves, especially when we tell him to say bye-bye (which he tries to say by going 'baba')
He turns pages in a book, all by himself! He's helped me turn pages for awhile now, he loves to do it. But the other day I came out of the bathroom and he was sitting next to his book turning the pages by himself.

He's drank from a sippy cup for months now. He feeds himself (we're done with baby food, been doing table food for awhile).

Ok here's where I say I am not thrilled he's not getting the pincer grasp yet. He has figured out it's easier to pull the food to the edge of the tray and scoop it up and into his mouth. stinker! And being the former (and maybe near-future) Early Intervention service coordinator, I have been monitoring his development like a crazy lady. Ahem. No comments.

And so many other skills he's got, I can't remember. I love it, but hate that he's getting so big so fast! They don't come with pause buttons?

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