They've done it again!

Wegmans, they've done it again. Every week they do something *spectacular* that impresses me even more. Like the one week they had a demo station in EVERY department. Yep, every single department had some sort of food or product demo. I could have easily had lunch there that day.

Or, we could discuss how they have Mother's Day/Father's day create-a-cakes for kids to give to their parents. That's cute, but not that impressive.

Or, how Nature's Marketplace is totally rad. Yes, I just said 'totally rad'. I might be slightly biased because I spent about 3 years working in that department; and I am into that natural, herb-y stuff.

However, when I journeyed to Lori's Natural Foods way out in Henrietta (ok a 20 min drive, but with a baby and gas costs...ya know) I was happy with the very large assortment of foods and brands and bulk foods and herbs, etc. But, the prices, not so good. I can get the same box of crackers for over a dollar less at Wegs. Yes, I know that Wegmans is a much bigger, multi-million dollar corporation and can afford that. But, thinking of my cost of gas, lugging a baby along, driving out there, I might as well go to Wegmans for the things I buy. (however, if I had a child allergic to wheat, or some other very special diet, Lori's would be the place I go, as they had so much choice)
Hey, I'm talking about Wegmans here!

Or, how there is a store like 15 minutes in every direction from my house. How cool is that?!

Or, we could talk about how my dad has been a manager there for over 20 years. And that every single person in my family has worked for Wegmans at some point in their life. But, that's not what impresses me the most; even though they are great employers, great benefits, great, great, great. (I especially loved "show for dough"!)

Or, how their produce is far superior to any other stores' produce I've ever been in. Hands down, no contest. And I'm not sorry Tops, P&C, Aldis, Walmart, whoever. They got you beat all the way.

Or how they use very local produce (the farm down my street!) and support their local towns and farms.

Or, how they are buying into the organics! I was pleased when they switched their carrots over to Organic-at the same price! Now they're lettuce is also organic, and their rice/soy milk is too! Go Wegmans!

Or, how they have a great website. But, the thing that has totally impressed me as of late: I can a. make my list on their website, b. view just about every product they sell in the store, AND i can: c. view that product AND it's label WITH ingredients. Just take a minute here...
Do you know how much time that will save me? I can make a list, save it and tweak it from week to week, and I can view these products from the comfort of my own home. This means I know exactly what is in that product and decide if I want to buy it. Here. In my house. Instead of standing at the store, looking through 4 different boxes to see which has the "best" ingredients, or least chemicals and additives. Instead of trying to keep my child occupied and from getting bored and/or crying while I search! Hear that? .....It's angels singing "hallelujah"!!!

I could write them a letter: Dear Wegmans, oh how I love you. Sincerely, Me.

PS. I won't be buying those granola bars either. Quaker's are full of junk too. But that's a post for another day.

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ya, you need a job.