I've been neglecting my blog lately. Not that it really matters, I don't have much of a "readership" per se. I've been distracted by getting ready to go back to work. Which, is such an undesirable thing after all this time. My new theory is that mothers should work from the day the baby is born until the baby is about 5 months old, then take maternity leave. Newborns are lumps, let's face it, but the older they get the more fun they are, the more interactive, the more skills they have... I know, it's just a thought, relax. Anyways, my point was that I am busy gathering things, shopping for any other stuff, preparing bags, bottles, and mucho stuff for the "big day" on Monday. Eek! And no, I have not prepared by getting up and "running through the motions" I thought I'd do that, but then Kian woke up at 5 and that botched my 620am wake up call. Ha! We'll just wing it.

So, putting my child in daycare seems more detrimental and un-nerving for me, rather than him. I think he'll enjoy being with other kids, but I know it's a big change for all of us. I'm worried he'll be mad at me or be upset without me all day. Granted, he should sleep 3 of the 8 hours he's there. Ugh, 8 hours, away from me, with someone else... that's enough to put a knife in your heart.

Anyway, on to happier things. I'm also working on planning a baby shower for Elissa-yay. I don't mind planning parties and things, I actually enjoy that. Amy and I used to say we should quit our jobs and become event planners. We always had so many greater ideas than those at work, those work parties/events just plain stunk. I don't mind hosting either, keeps ya busy. It's actually those parties that I had to be the center of attention for (bridal, baby) that bothered me the most! I don't particularly like attention on me for extended periods of time. Blah. So, we're finding some food and games and other fun stuff.

And not only have I gotten down to my pre-prego weight, but I am 3 lbs under! Yay me. Sadly, I don't know how much working out I"ll be able to do with going back to work. But now that nicer weather is coming there will be many walks outside- hooray!

I've got some new recipes in my files to try, so we'll see how they come out in the next week or so and I"ll post them to share. White (chicken) chili mm mm! I know you're waiting with bated breath =)

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gigilo said...

You shouldn't underestimate your readership. Lots of wackos like your ramblings heheeh.