Beware Jon!

My new 'brest' friend:

Ha! I make myself laugh.

Why? Why in the world would you do that? You ask? Because. Because I've been doing it for 9.5 months and just because I am going back to work and Kian will be in daycare, why does that mean I should stop? Because I had cow milk sensitivities and Kevin does too. Because I don't want to mess around trying to find a formula that would agree with Kian for just 2 months. Because it's just 2 months more that he really, truly needs it. Because formula stinks, tastes nasty and stains. Because Kian isn't showing any signs of being done yet. Because my child has only had one small illness thus far. Because it's best. Because I want to. That's why.


The New Mrs. Rue said...

I have the pump in style too! I LOVE IT!! I use it and i'm not even going back to work. =)


Rachel said...

Yeah that brings back memories. I had to go back to work at 3 months(THREE MONTHS!) after Noah was born. My pump went with me everywhere... sweet memories of pumping in an old book closet at school.. not eating lunch so I could pump.. toating around ice packs and bottles. So much fun! :) Good luck! Be prepared to cry when you drop him off. Bring some make up to reapply in the car!

On a side note, do you know that people here have a min of 9 months partially paid maternity leave? ANd many up to a year. Americans are crazy. I didn't get one day off that was paid.