Green Vaccine Rally

I am unabashedly stealing this from Christy because I think this is very important. One of the main reasons I have not vaccinated Kian yet is because of the utter JUNK they put in them. Parents do no realize what is REALLY in vaccines. (mouse tissue, fetal tissue, dyes, chemicals, preservatives, etc. just to name a few)

So! If any of you know Jenny McCarthy has a son with Autism. She is not against vaccines per se, but against the CRAP in them. She and Jim Carrey are putting on a "Green Our Vaccines" Rally in Washington DC in June. Please check it out!

While, I doubt that I will be able to go, although I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go, I thought I'd at least put it out there and get the word out. I will see if there is another way to support this rally? But, we need to support these people, families, children, and let the government know we want to clean up these vaccines before we inject our children with red dye #40, formaldehyde, and Lord knows what else!

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Lisa said...

Have you heard that NY is trying to mandate ALL the shots that the CDC reccommends? Sounds like they are trying to beat NJ for the number of mandated shots for school. So sad that our kids suffer for political and financial agendas. I'm the webmaster for I hope the rally is a HUGE success.