Wordless Wednesday with a twist

This week's theme: Color! Go on over to Rachel's blog to check out the other participants and don't forget to vote for your fave!

Since it is still very brown in upstate NY, I had to make do with what colors I could find:

Pink of a baby's hand

Green of basil being eaten by a cat

Yellow of Sunny Daffodils

Blue of a baby's first spring

White of a naughty, screen-climbing cat

Purple of Crocuses pushing through frozen ground

Green of cat eyes and fuzzy blankets

And just because I love my crocuses:

Check out this bee! He was warming up his wings in the sunshine:


Rachel said...

You have a cute kid and a crazy cat!

Rev. Wright said...

I don't get it.

Amanda said...

when i see crocusses (or is it croci???) start to pop out i get really really excited because spring is FINALLY here!!! great pics :)

Aprille said...

I absolutely loves crocus! They are such happy resilient flowers. If we could all be so resilient. Even when it is snowing they pop their little heads out. Even after the drought by me this last year they were still there for me declaring spring! Thank you!

Courtney said...

oh, the flowers are beautiful! I really like the pink baby hand too

Christin said...

Love the pictures of the flowers. So awesome!

Jessica said...

I love how you did a lot of colors. That's how I would have interpreted it too.

Adorable cat! And even cuter son!